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Sibling Rivalry Gets Serious


  1. HA! LOL!
    That is hilarious!
    Probably not to you....
    Gotta love her!


  2. she's just fighting for justice to be done! so cute!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the offer! That is so kind of you! I'd love to have any advice or tid bits of info! We know NOTHING! Really! We have time...expect to travel in the Fall (but praying for sooner!) and would love to know some phrases or words typical for toddlers. Any help that they could give or a resource they could recommend would be so appreciated! We're not really looking to learn the language...but want to be prepared enough to help make Joel more comfortable.

    Thanks again!
    Happy Friday!

  4. She has the cutest voice!!!! I love how determined she is for Judey to get what's coming. :) Ha!

  5. Just keeping everybody straight I guess.

  6. 2/14

    Tell Dan that I am soooo aware that the tatoos are coming. As long as they get them on their butts where I can't see ''s all good.;)



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