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Of Friends and Flowers

My good friend, Heather, was in town visiting us from Madison for the last 5 days.  She came with her two kids and we had a great time!  The kids all played well together -- all four of them!  She and I had plenty of time to chat, which was awesome!  They just left this morning and we miss them already.  Jude asked, "Why can't they stay here forever?!"  The house feels so quiet!  I really enjoy having a full house during the day!  I think we women were meant to be parenting together and not in isolation.  

Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures to share.  I have been trying to spend less time behind the camera and more time enjoying the moment.  I did get a couple of Jude by this lovely fushia which was a bday gift from my friend, Mindy.


  1. Rachel, how wonderful that you had this special time with your friend and her kiddos! Your thought on Mamas flourishing in the company of other women really resonated with me. I always feel more clever, competent, resourceful and just....hmmm...lost the word....I guess just "more in tune", when my Mom, Sis or a close friend visits. I hope that makes sense! :)

    And Jude is just gorgeous!
    :) Lisa

  2. Rachel,
    I love the comment about moms parenting together vs. alone. . . .SO AGREE!!! When there's more kids-more for them to do and play with together and more for mom and mom to socialize-it's all good! :)

    Love the picture of Jude-he's so adorable!

  3. So much fun....I'm a little jealous. ;)


  4. beautiful post in so many ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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