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Last night we went to my friend's 30th birthday party hosted by her parents.  As we were leaving her mom, who is an amazing seamstress, presented us with these lovely placemats that she had quilted for our kids.  I was so touched by this kind gesture.  Living here without family around, it is so moving when others think of our kids in such a special way.  Aren't these just so sweet?

Here is a picture of Dan and I before the party which will probably be the last picture you will see of me at the ripe old age of 27.  Yep, it's my birthday tomorrow. I'll be 28 -- closin' in on the big 3-0!

We have a tradition of celebrating birthdays and "birthday's eve" -- the last day of being whatever age you are.  This year we ended up celebrating my birthday's eve's eve last night.  Before my friend's party we went to a nice lounge-y French place for appetizers and a glass of wine.    


  1. What a sweet gift!

    Happy early b-day! Closing in on 30? I left that one behind long ago. (Gulp.)

  2. Oh my gosh, Happy Happy Birthday sweet friend!! Beautiful, radiant photo and what a wonderful idea to celebrate Birthday Eves.....I just really like that soooo much!!

    You are so young too! I so hope your day is both grand and magical!! You deserve it!!

    P.s. Oh, love the Indi pics....I'm so partial to brown-eyed girls!! The placemats are precious too!!

  3. Precious mats and Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

    I'll tell you a doesn't get good til your in your 30's.......ask Dan.;)

    Love you,


  4. Happy BIrthday! Sounds like a great date night! Those tapestries are precious! One of a kind! So nice of her to make those for the kids.
    That must be nice to have a touch of homey feeling when you're so far away from your family.
    Have a good one!

  5. Those personalized placements are SO cool... and happy birthday to you my friend! No fair, you're not even 30 yet??? Love the picture of you & Dan together. You're such a pretty mama!

  6. girl, you are stunning!!!! so gorgeous and youthful! happy birthday to you...may it be a wonderfully blessed year ahead!

  7. i am TEN years older than you!!!! crazy!

  8. What a great tradition! :) Love it! And, don't act like the "big 3-0" is TOO big. I hit that one a good few birthdays back! :) I'm getting dangerously close to the BIG 4-0.

    And, you are so is sweet when you live away from home and others take a keen interest in your kids. That is worth so much! What nice gifts!

  9. Rachel,
    Even though you are barely old enough to have a glass of wine, happy birthday!


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