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Today we made cascarones.  Cascarones are a Mexican tradition where hollow eggs are filled with confetti.  They are later broken over someone's head.  Since we're not big hard-boiled egg people, a friend of mine suggested making cascarones instead.  We loved this idea! 

First we hollowed out the eggs.  Then we dyed them.

Then the kids decorated them.

Next it was confetti time.  We filled half with confetti and half with chocolate eggs.

Finally, we sealed the hole in the eggs by gluing tissue paper over each one.

Later the kids had an egg hunt (the FOURTH this easter season!) and had a blast breaking the cofetti-filled eggs over each other's heads.

Happy Easter!  


  1. Great idea! What a good mom you are. Have a great Easter!

  2. OK! that is hilarious.
    My kids would love this.

    I don't know if I can do the blowing out part..I am always araid that I am going to break it.

    Happy easter.


  3. andrea,
    dan blew out some of the eggs. i'm not so into putting my mouth on an egg, so dan made a hole with a screw and i made it bigger (nickel-sized) with my finger. then i rinsed it under water to get the egg out. it was easy. i don't think we broke any eggs doing that (maybe one?) but the kids broke a few decorating them. indi didn't realize that you can't squeeze them like plastic eggs. all in all, they were less fragile than i expected.

  4. Love it - looks like so much fun, but that would be hard to break them after so much work :)

  5. Wow! I have never heard of that tradition or method!! Very cool and it must have taken a ton of patience and a light touch! What fun!!
    :) Hugs, Lisa

  6. We should try this next year. I tried to get Oscar to eat a boiled egg yesterday. He took one bite and told me "EEeeeewww." Of course that is his response to many foods these days. Four year olds are too funny. He would love to break some eggs on our heads.

  7. What a great idea! Looks like they had fun. If I can figure out how to do it maybe we will try this next year. Hope you had a great Easter!

  8. fun!!! and you filled the hole with tissue paper? as in just stuffing it in there?

  9. tish, good question! i guess i did not explain that very well! you glue a little square of tissue paper over each hole. some people who are *really* on the ball will match the color of tissue paper to the color of the dyed egg. i'm not the greatest planner and we decided to do this on the fly, so i only had yellow tissue paper on hand and used it regardless of the color of the egg.

    i edited this post to hopefully make it more clear that you seal the hole by gluing tissue paper over the end.

  10. Oh, you are SO creative-the next mommy martha stewart! :)
    I'm sure the kids just loved cracking them!

  11. My kids would have WAY too much fun with this! I need to try it sometime!! :) Great idea!

  12. What FUN!!! I love the pictures - the eggs turned out great!

    Hope you and yours are doing well. :)

  13. What a fun activity...I'll have to keep this in mind for next year...the boys would be all over breaking eggs on each other's heads:-)


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