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While I should have been packing...

We're leaving in the early hours of Tuesday morning for a ten day trip to Wisconsin to see my family. Of course, there is lots to do around here. The house is pretty messy, as per the usual, and I have yet to pack. No matter how determined I am before every vacation to pack sometime before the night before, something always distracts me and I end up waiting until the 11th hour in typical Rachel fashion.

This time the distraction was sewing the kids kimono-style pajamas. On Monday they choose their own fabric from the fabric store. Both picked fabrics related to their obsessions -- aiplanes for Jude and horses for Indigo. I promised I would sew them before we left for our trip. Little did I know that they would take me so long to sew. Thus, I have been up until 2 am the last two nights (mornings?) sewing pajamas for my kids.

I finished Jude's first:

Indi was pleading with me to sew her's, so I finished her pajama pants while she napped:

Then I stayed up to work on her kimono top. Finished. Hallelujah!

I guess this means I need to start packing. Much less exciting...

Speaking of packing and exciting things, we are contemplating taking the kids with us to Ethiopia when we travel to bring the new baby home. We're thinking of spending six weeks or so there. I will fill you in on more of the details as we learn more about it ourselves. We are researching the risks and benefits of doing this. If anyone has experience with traveling like this with small children, please leave me a comment. I would love to learn about your experience!


  1. I love the pajamas. So cute!

    I'm curious to see how your plans for Ethiopia turn out. When the time from the court date until the embassy appointment was only 3 to 4 weeks, I had considered staying from the court date until we could take our child home. But with the longer time period, I hadn't really thought about it. Until now. :)

  2. alisha, please keep me posted on what your plans are as well! wouldn't it be neat if we were there together?! my sister might come to help me (and because she'd love to visit ethiopia! ) we still have so much to sort out! you and i will have to talk more via email!

  3. Can't speak from experience...but we are taking our 3 kids to Taiwan when we pick up Samuel. I think it will good for them to experience his culture and be part of those first bonding days. I'm sure both ways work and it would depend on your families situation, but for our family our kids need to be there. I love the PJ's!!!

  4. 6 weeks and taking the kids? Wow, that is wonderful! Wish I could go with you!

    The PJs are cute. Love the style.

  5. I'm so happy for you all that you have this trip planned...and 10 whole days with your family!! Relish every moment and be certain to pack those darling jammies, cuz they look just right for cozy nights with Gram & Gramps!! :)

    Hey, I updated stuff, if ya still need your L & T fix! :)

    Enjoy this time away and travel carefully!!
    P.S. Hope you get some good feedback on the Ethiopia travels....I wish I could help!!

  6. Rachel,

    I know that the Egly's (the family from our church who just picked up their girls from Ethiopia) took their daughter with them. She is 6. They were gone for about 10 days to 2 weeks I think. I know that they would be more than happy to discuss their journey with you...if you're interested, let me know and I will give you his contact info and I will also flag him that you will be contacting him/them.

  7. Rachel,

    What mothers do for their kids;-)!!! The PJ's are precious...and as you know I can totally realate to the 11th hour stuff...LOL.

    As far as bringing the kids...i remember going back and forth with the pros and cons in making our decisions. Give it to God, and in the end take comfort in knowing He will guide you to the right decision for your family.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip!!!


  8. Hi! Wow-staying in Africa for 6 weeks!!! That would be an incredible journey! :)

    Are you driving to WI! Have fun-we'll be in WI from july 11-18th-Greenlake Wi. Are you near there? Oh, you'll probably be gone by then.

    Hope you're having a FAB summer so far-we're doing well-spending lots of time at the pool.

  9. PRECIOUS!! Have a fabulous trip & enjoy the break from the H-E-A-T! Can I go tooo?? : )

  10. I hope it's beautiful up here the next couple of weeks while you are visiting! That's nice you all get to visit you family for so long. Do you guys drive?

    How cool would that be if it worked out for you to bring the kids with you...what an experience for everyone!!

    Oh and I LOVE the pajamas! You are seriously making me think about getting a sewing machine with all your projects! :)

  11. We took our 5 year old on the trip and she did great. The second day was a bit rough, but we just let her sleep off the jet lag. If you stay at the guest house from the orphanage, they are very good about fixing food for the kids if the main meal is something not very kid friendly. THey love having kids stay there and have big enough rooms to accomodate. We are very glad that Noelle was able to see where her brother and sister lived.

  12. LOVE the 6 weeks in Ethiopia idea. Although, I'm not the one that needs to think of the practical side of doing so. However, barring any major financial issues, we plan to take our kids with us to China (with grandparent help). It's just how we roll and it is important to us.

    PLEASE.....when you go into business with your sewing, you need to let me know! I'm saving up! :) I LOVE everything you make!


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