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A Day at Margie's Farm

One thing that we love about coming home to Wisconsin is that we are able to give our children a taste of life on a farm. It is so important for them to develop an understanding and respect for where their food comes from and all the work that goes into raising animals. So many children have lost this connection to nature. I remember reading somewhere that children these days often have no idea where their food comes from.

My parents raise beef cattle, but their friend Margie has a small farm with the classic children's farm animals -- chickens, goats, donkeys, horses and a miniture horse. Margie was kind enough to let us spend an afternoon on her farm, which included a long horseback ride for the kids. Indi is pretty horse-obsessed and has been talking about riding Margie's horses for weeks.

When we got to Margie's farm, Margie had cowboy boots and sombreros in the kids' sizes for them to put on.

First, we met Margie's miniture horse. She taught the kids how to lead the miniture horse. Jude caught on quickly.

Next we went into the barn and and brushed the horses to get ready to ride them. Then, it was time for the kids' much anticipated horseback riding adventure into the woods.

Margie and my mom then took the kids to see the other farm animals while Dan and I went for a horseback ride ourselves. Dan has experience as a rider since he participated in a 5 day tour of Iceland, all on horseback. Me, not so much, and the horse knew that from the moment I sat on her back. She was more interested in eating the grass than walking, but we still enjoyed the ride.

We came back and the kids were riding the donkeys bare-back. My mom had Dan and I jump in for a family photo.


  1. It looks like you're having such a good time in Wisconsin. I love the first photo of your kids!

  2. Wow, looks like a lot of fun!

  3. LOL!
    Only you two could get away with that.
    Great pictures.
    Dan- where is YOUR helmet????


  4. That is so fun! Love those sombreros!


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