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A few favorite photos

Our vacation started at the airport. I am always amused watching the kids wheel their rolling luggage, a gift from Aunt Mi-Mi, a seasoned traveler.

Portable DVD players are a lifesaver on vacations. While at home, we keep them stowed away and out of sight so they are an exciting surprise each time we travel. We had two, 2 1/2 hour airplane rides, then we did a lot of driving while there. Dan and I could actually have an entire conversation! Amazing!

For me, the highlight of our trip had to be our visit to Mount Rainier. It was so beautiful. Truly breath-taking.

On the way to Mount Rainier, we stopped to have lunch on this train.

We also visited the Little White Church of Elbe, Washington. A national historical monument now, it still displays its 1906 inscription, "E. Luth. Kirche".

If "peace" was a place, it would be the Tacoma sunsets. The trees were towering over us, silent and still. The lake was as smooth as glass. The colors of the sunset painted the sky. There was a chill in the air. It was quiet.

Yes, it was the definition of peaceful. The peacefulness quickly dissipated as the kids started being kids -- running, playing, being generally noisy. But we soaked it up while we could.


  1. What beautiful pictures!! Totally breath taking! I'm so glad you all had a nice vacation together and got to do some fun family things. And yes, the kids with their little rolling suitcases are absolutly adorable! :)

  2. I love these photos and your descriptions!! The kids with the suitcases....LOVE it! They are gorgeous....truly!

  3. Love those little rolling backpacks. That is a good tip for my travelling future!

    What a gorgeous place, and fun experience. I bet the kiddos loved lunch on a train!

  4. WOW- seems like a great vacation (besides you being sick)!!! Thanks for the tip about HomeAway. I'll have to check that out!!!

  5. hi you! catching up on your have been busy!!! your dresses and other crafts are amazing...and that sunset photo kept me staring at it for a long time! has jude started back to school? oh, and i don't blame you for deciding not to have all 3 kids in E for 6 weeks by yourself!!! miss you!


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