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A little bit of Jude... and some other stuff

edited to add another jude-ism: I picked Jude up from school and his teacher told me that they started music class today with a new teacher named Mindy. Jude and I then had the following convo.

Me: So was your new music teacher, Mindy, our friend Mindy or a different Mindy? (Jude's always surprised when someone has the same name as someone else that we know.)
Jude: No, it was a different Mindy.
Me: Was she young or old?
Jude: Old.
Me: Like as old as me?
Jude: No, even older!
Me: Really?!
Jude: Yep, like as old as daddy!!!


I was bringing Jude to school this morning and we were talking about (what else but) Dell's baby shower. I told him that the guests would be coming with gifts for the new baby. He said, "Wow, mommy, just like the story about baby Jesus!"

Earlier this week, I finished the cards with the quotes about babies and motherhood. My friend, Mindy, card-maker extraordinaire, wrote this blog post about the awesomeness of ultra fine tipped Sharpies, and after using them myself on this project, I gotta say, I concur. The best part about them is that they don't smear. At all. It's the small things, people... which I now see is basically the title of Mindy's post about this. I guess I subconsciously stole it from her.

Without further ado, here are the quote cards:

I have them all in one place for the purpose of the picture, but I plan to place them throughout the house.

While I was reading and writing out some really beautiful quotes for this project, I realized that this idea would transfer well to birthday or Mother's Day cards for mothers, mothers-in-law, or grandmothers. You could take the same generally concept and apply it to anyone in your life, really.

Indigo worked on an art project of her own while I worked on the cards.

Good times!

Happy Friday all!


  1. Love the Judeism! Haha poor Daddy... :)

    Those cards are GREAT! I was kind of thinking the same thing, that they could be used for many different occasions. I think I might be stealing this idea for the next party we throw. Thanks! :)

  2. I love your quote cards. My apologies. I have been planning to send you some quotes since your blog request, and never did. Sorry! Yours are beautiful!

  3. I'm just tickled pink (by a pink ultra fine Sharpie, of course)to be included in your blog! Thanks and happy marker-ing!

  4. I'm soooooo behind its scary :) but had to say the cards turned out beautifully; what a grand way to help Dell celebrate her newest blessing! This shower is going to be amazing.....I can't wait to see the pics. afterwards!(course I know you will be SUPER busy with hostessing duties...ack!!)

    I smiled huge during the love how his mind and heart works! & Miss Indi is a vision of cutie-pie'ness.....see, your kids are so fabulously beautiful I have to make up new words to describe 'em!!

    Hope your weekend was grand!
    :) Hugs!


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