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Milestones... and stuffed bunny pattern review

Today marks Jude's first ever lunch at school. Every Wednesday, he will be staying for "lunch bunch". He wanted to do this and next year he will be in Kindergarden and will stay for lunch two days/week. The other three days are half days.

Here's a photo of my big boy. (sniff, sniff) Wasn't it just yesterday that he was a baby and we were trying to figure out this whole parenting thing?

And while we are on the subject of milestones, check out my daughter's first pair of boots with fringe.

Is there an official name for these? She picked them out herself and was insistent that these were the shoes she wanted over any other shoe in the store. I don't even own a pair of boots like this, so I'm not exactly sure where the inspiration came from, but I have to admit, I think they are pretty cute on her.

Finally, meet Flop.

I am on the hunt for baby carrier patterns and while looking, came across this free pattern/tutorial on how to make a stuffed bunny. You may remember the rag doll we made for Indigo for Christmas last year? This project is by the same blogger. I made Flop out of our of leftover flannel from my bib project. I stuffed him with the bamboo stuffing from last Christmas

and added some lavender blossoms to the stuffing to make him smell oh so very soothing. :)

I painted his face with fabric paint because I was too lazy to sew on buttons, and then crocheted the wool scarf this morning.

If you would like to sew this, let me give you a few tips that I learned along the way to hopefully make this project easier for you.

1. The author says it "sews up quickly" and while the phase is obviously relative, I wouldn't call it "quick". It took me about 2 hours.

2. If you decide to sew buttons on for the eyes or embroider the face: do this before you stuff the rabbit. Trust me on this one.

3. I sewed (rather than pinned) the limbs and ears in place.

4. Cut one of the body pieces about 1/2 inch bigger all around than the body pattern piece. It is really hard (and super swear-y) to stretch the fabric over those stuffed pieces if the two body pieces are the same size. Baste the limbs/ears onto the smaller body piece.

Happy sewing!


  1. Oh ack! Here I guilt you (previously ) into sharing shower pics and then where am I at comment time? *crickets crickets* It looked AMAZING!! Dell looked so happy as did you in the photo with your friends. Radiant ladies!! She must have been so blissed with this incredible celebration and you should be feeling mighty good right about now!

    Flop is adorable.....I'm tickled if I make all the beds AND fold the waiting pile of clean laundry in one day and you do all of this! :) Wow!

    So Flop is cute but your two babes are even cuter! Jude does look a bit more grown up all of the sudden(could it be the hood??) :) and I'm glad the lunch at school went well. What a big milestone! And sweet Miss Indi is beautiful in those fringe boots ~ she has a strong sense of her own style for someone so tiny! I love it!

    Thanks for the great update....this is always always a fun place to come!

  2. Oh Ms. Crafty-crafy, you amaze me! someday...I too will make a stuffed bunny.
    We were very poor growing up, so my parents couldn't afford all the "hot" dolls (cabbage patch, strawberry shortcake, pound puppies, carebears) so instead, my mom would get the pattern cut-out at the fabric store and sew-n-stuff them. I think in the end, we had ALL the carebears likely a fraction of the cost.
    I LOVED those stuffed animals. They were made with LOVE and I have some to this day (well, Sam has them.)
    I think it's so fantastic you are doing this for your kids.
    and LOVE the boots -- they were definitely "made for walkin'"

  3. oh, meg, what a heart warming story. i wonder if your mom kept any of the old patterns? wouldn't that be fabulous?!

  4. I heart Flop. Does Flop have his own Facebook page? I think he already has a fan base:)


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