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Welcome to this world

Dell had her baby yesterday morning at 3:58 am. It was an absolute honor to be there when this beautiful new life entered the world. Dell was so strong. The baby was born in the water, in a candlelit room scented with jasmine, with her parents' favorite music playing in the background. It's a GIRL! Chris and Dell gave me permission to share a few photos.

Such a peaceful setting

Here she is... an angel!

Welcome to this world, Violet Alice!!!


  1. OH.....that was simply amazing!! The baby....beautiful! And the look on their faces.....magical! And then I saw your expression......pure delight and awe as you witnessed this miracle!!

    Welcome to the world sweet Violet!!
    Congratulations to the proud, happy parents!!

  2. Oh Rachel, those pictures brought tears to my amazing!! The look on everyone's face says it all. Congratulations to the new family!!

  3. What a beautiful experience. Congratulations!

  4. WAY COOL! Just look at your face... Get your cert. ALREADY!!!!
    Oh and speaking of girls...go to my site and take a look.

  5. Way to go Dell and congratulations! I know you were enjoying every minute of that birth Rachel. That is awesome you were able to be a part of that.

  6. Incredible! Completely incredible! Welcome to the world little one.

  7. Ok, I'm chuckling, because actually YOu look rather angelic in that picture!!! :)

    She is beautiful! Congratulations, and what a BEAUTIFUL name!!! :)

    (I'm not reading into the fact that this post didn't contain the phrase "We have not recieved our referral yet. I'm assuming this was a 100% about-another-baby post!!! ;) )

  8. One of the most beautiful things to witness! Your photos are great...I just love the last one...all buckled up and ready to go home:-). Congrats to the family!!


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