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Wishing you all a most blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. You are such a considerate blogger! Thanks, chica. You too!

  2. How are you my friend? I hope your Thanksgiving was bright and joyous!

    Thinking of you.....


  3. So sorry to hear about your waiting!! Post referral is such a hard time...we had a tough go of it with trying to get all of M's med questions seemed to take longer than the actual wait for referral! Funny story about the photos for E's care package...that Dan is a good, good man! Even without street cred! Can't wait to see your finished advent calendar! I got lazy and cheap and just wrote different truths about Jesus on slips on paper so that each night in December M can pick out a paper for us to talk about!

  4. Missin' you and praying that the wait is short, and that you have peace while you wait!!


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