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My Son, the Photographer

I often joke to Dan that he got the 'bait and switch' with me. Before having kids, I was always wearing dresses and heels. My hair was done and I wore make up. I was working at the University and Dan and I were young and unfettered, going out a lot, frequently having a reason to dress up. My trend toward the granola started when I got pregnant with Jude and traded in my heels for Clarks. Then nursing my babies put the kybosh on dresses for a long time. Now spending my day with the kids includes lots of dirt and grime and food -- certainly not a great combo for fancy attire. Still, every once in awhile, I do like to dress up.

This weekend while shopping I found a dress at an outlet store. I was telling my sister about it over the phone and she asked to see some pictures. So today I asked Jude to take some pictures of me in the dress. I stood against the wall where I always make my kids stand when I finish sewing something for them. I didn't give him any instructions other than to "take a few pictures of the dress". When I imported them to the computer I was expecting some bland, boring photos, like the ones I normally take! Here's what he shot. All of these photos are raw -- I did not edit them in any way.

He then took this picture of himself [with me out of focus in the background].

Pretty artsy, don't you think?! He needs to start giving me photography lessons!

And back to my boring pictures for a moment, I finished Indigo's Christmas dress last week

which I plan to pair with these tights.

My sewing machine is now on vacation until the new year, when I plan to make a quilt like the one here for baby Evangeline.

Our shopping is done, our gifts are wrapped, our crafting is complete. Our packages are in the mail and the kids got their Christmas haircuts today. It feels so great to be done with the busyness of the season. I hope that tonight, on the longest night of the year, you are able to enjoy moments of peace and joy and quietness... and joyfully anticipate the Light that we celebrate in a few short days to come!


  1. Jude is a PRO, those pictures are great! I love the added self portrait, very cute. :) How wonderful to have all the "stuff" done, now sit back and enjoy! Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

  2. WOW!!! Jude has some skillz!!!! You look gorgeous as always! Merry Christmas, sweet friend!

  3. Wow...Jude definitely has a photographer's eye!!

    I can really relate to your post...made me giggle....I found Clarks 'slip ons' when I was pregnant for the first time too, and I haven't gone back!! Other than sneakers I don;t think I own a pair of tie or buckle shoes!!

    You look beautiful. I hope Dan takes you on a date in that

    Merry Christmas!!

  4. Jude did an awesome job ~ he had a great model to work with too! You look amazing!! LOVE the vibrant color of the dress and absolutely that dress needs to be taken out for a night on the town! :)

    How glorious you are all done and ready to embrace Christmas! I can't say the same yet, but when we leave for my folks tomorrow THEN every last detail will have been attended to! Yippee!

    Merry Christmas to you all!

  5. Jude- What a cool little dude you are. You take really great pictures!

  6. WOW- I see a future here!! :) Nicely done, Jude!! And you look quite lovely in that dress I might add....I hope you find an occasion to wear ti very soon! :)

  7. Ya' can't hear me, but I am whistling at your smokin' dress! Find somewhere fun to where that.

    Great job, Jude!


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