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Extreme Makeover (well, that might be a slight exaggeration)

I had to share this super simple (free!) ironing board cover pattern. This project took me only a couple of hours from start to finish. Like my last project, I had this fabric sitting around f o r e v e r before getting around to using it. If I had known how easy it was, I would have made it a long time ago.

So, here's the before. And believe it or not, this picture makes the ironing board look less nasty than some of the other photos I took.

And the after -

You could make this pattern even easier and more versatile by opting out of quilting it. Instead you make two separate pieces - the ironing board pad and the ironing board cover. I would serge the two layers of batting together and add elastic bands to the top and bottom ends to secure them to your ironing board. You would then finish the cover according to the instructions but skip the quilting part altogether.

Keepin' it simple. That's how we (try to) roll.

Have a fabulous week!


  1. Oh Rach....I didn't know WHAT to think with this post header, but I sure smiled while reading it!

    I love that you make even the tiny details in your home lovely!! I bet you feel good every time you spot that ironing board...and that says A LOT!!

    :) AND the dresses for the girls in the previous post....gorgeous!! As are both girls!!


  2. Hmmmm....I'd probably have to GET an ironing board first, huh? :)

    Seems to me you must be adjusting to being a mama of 3 pretty well if you're back to your projects! Hope you are doing well!!


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