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What's keeping us 'busy'

Have you ever noticed how people love to talk about how busy they are? I started to pay attention to this a couple of years ago. Being busy is pretty much a core value here in America. I try to be mindful about not complaining about being busy. And if I find myself complaining, I try to make changes to become less busy, when possible. Especially if it's bad busy. Like if I'm too busy to have a convo with a neighbor because I'm in a hurry to get on to the next thing. As my kids say, "Mama does not like to hurry."

This said, I have become less frequent about blogging because we have been, well... busy. And when we get busy, computer time is the first thing to go. So I've had so much I've wanted to post, but haven't taken the time to do it. Which means another marathon blog post.

What's keeping us so busy? Lots of good things - exciting things. One is that we found an awesome church here a few months ago and are getting pretty involved there. Additionally, I started doing some postpartum doula work at a local women's shelter. I work with women who have recently had babies, to talk with them about basic baby issues - breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, bonding, sleep, baby care, that kind of thing. I love it. So far it's been an amazing and eye opening experience. Right now I'm doing that one afternoon a week. I feel so blessed to be involved in this work. The 'bad' busy is that my poor husband has been working so many hours lately. I just do not know how he does it - like 14 hour work days! In fact, he won't be home until 1 am tonight... and it's Sunday! That means I'm busier because I have the kids alone more. Thankfully all is going well on the kid front. Getting back to the exercise/mediation thing has been really helpful for me.

On to some pictures.

Yesterday, I finished this dress for Evie.

I cut it back in May when I made Indi's version. Well, Evie wasn't walking then, which made dresses impractical for the most part. So I put that project on hold until I recently realized that if I didn't make it soon she would grow out of it. Plus I hadn't sewn anything for her for awhile so I was itching to do so. Here are some pics of her in her new dress - all taken by Jude. The first ones are blurring because the camera was on the wrong setting.

I also meant to post these two pics of J and Indi last week. I took them when Indi was modeling her new jacket last weekend.

I also realized that I never posted the pics of the paintings that we bought while in Ethiopia. Oh, we are so in love with them. They were from a fine art gallery and while not inexpensive, they were only a fraction of the price that you would pay here in the US.

Here's what they look like in the context of a room.


  1. I know just what you mean and I have been guilty of commenting on the busy of everyday!!

    BUT fear not, I always take the time to appreciate "the roses" or in my case, "the kiddos!!"....and I know you do as well!!!

    Love those gorgeous pics of the gorgeous kiddos(and those amazing sewing projects!!) and I hope things settle down a bit and you recapture some breathing room!!

  2. OH- LOVE the paintings. Also LOVE the picture of Jude loving Indie! :)

    And i LOVE the dress. OH.....Chloe would love you for a mama. She's OBSESSED with dresses, and I can't keep up! :)

  3. I love your "busy" post! ...and I love what you have been "busy" doing! the dress turned out wonderfully!

  4. You have a beautiful family! I love the dress. Mez wore her's that I made today. I love that pattern. I love all Oliver and S patterns. Your art is beautiful too. I love the jackets too. Thanks for the advice when I go to make Rhett's wool coat.


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