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We were all sick last week, so I spent most of the day working to finish the kids' costumes and Halloween bags just in time for trick or treating this evening. I only had a few minutes to spare. Whew! I don't like cutting it that close, let me tell you.

Doing everything at the last minute, I was more hurried and accidentally cut a hole in E's bag. So, it's now monogrammed on the back.

We made it. The family of bats!

(Not every moment of Halloween is full of joy.)

Happy Halloween!


  1. i knew you would have wonderful costumes!!! the family looks great! and i love the post with photo of girls holding hands in car! so sweet!!! hope you guys had fun trick-or-treating!!!

  2. The winner of "Cutest Bat Family Ever" goes to....

    The costumes and bags look great. Hope you are feeling much better!

  3. I love how creative and crafty you are ~ the costumes turned out absolutely darling, last minute or not!!!

    I love that your 3 darling pumpkins all coordinated ~ I'm sure they were a hit all around the neighborhood!!

  4. Sorry you were sick. :( Your three bats were adorable! Love the costumes and trick or treat bags. (And the improvisation on Evie's bag.)

  5. Oh.... your family of bats is so cute!!


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