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Surrounded by Love [Letters]

Last night I finished cutting the pieces for Anna Maria Horner's Love Letters quilt.

I'm so excited about this quilt.  For one, the winter is such an inviting time for quilt making. (Yes, even here in Texas!)    More importantly, I absolutely adore Anna Maria's fabrics and am loving her newest line, Innocent Crush.  When I received the fabrics in the mail, I was mesmerized.  They are even better than the pictures.  I'm adding a bit from her velveteen line to give the quilt some added dimension and pop.

At the start of the year, Dan and I worked on a different, easy project together.  I was taking down my 2010 Nikki McClure calendar.

I fell in love with her artwork and didn't want to throw it away.  So we cut out out our favorite images, glued them onto card stock, and gave them a new life as cards.  Dan offered to help me with the cutting because, despite all of my time sewing, I still can't seem to cut a perfectly straight line. Thank goodness I have my rotary cutter for fabrics!

I was happy with the results and look forward to sharing her beautiful artwork with others.


  1. What a brilliant idea and way to reuse something you love!

    And for some reason I can't seem to ever cut a straight line either....LOL...never is that more evident than at Christmas time with loads of wrapping! LOL

    Hugs and glad you had safe travels!

    P.S. Can't wait to see the quilt when its done!

  2. The quilt project is going to be gorgeous!

  3. lovely!!! and i just checked out amy butler, thanks to your post! beautiful!!! i read both the links for the adoption posts...both excellent. i think in addition to all of that is looking at our society and the stigma on barren women...obviously not the same as other cultures...but there is still an underlying thought that a woman isn't complete without being a mother, and i think this CAN send SOME women into such a frenzy that all that matters is getting their child (rather than keeping a family together, whether there is corruption in the adoption process, etc). i should stop now because i realize that i don;t have time to fully explain what i am trying to say and so it will probably end up sounding ignorant! much love to you, my crafty friend!

  4. Those fabric pieces are beautiful, I can't wait to see it when it's finished! I love how you added the even here in Texas thing. :)


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