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A bunch of non-sequiturs

I finally finished the Love Letters quilt top.

It was a fun quilt top to put together.  The turquoise triangles made it more interesting than sewing a regular old patchwork.  When those triangles came together to form larger triangles and squares and the points matched - oh the elation!

For those of you who have kids who don't sleep through the night, I thought I'd post this to remind you that you're not alone. 

Last night Jude came down into our room around midnight.  We're trying to get him to sleep in his own bed instead of with us, so I walked him back to his bedroom and laid by him for about 15 minutes.  He came down again later and Dan did the same thing.  I felt good that we had stuck to our guns... twice.  Then I woke up to this.

I quietly got the camera and snapped a picture before they woke.  I crawled back into bed and Jude rolled over and said to me, "I love you sweet Mama." followed by, "What is wrong with me?  Why can't I stay in my bed?"  as if there was some force outside of himself compelling him to come down at night. I just had to laugh... and admit that it was a pretty nice way to start the weekend.  Ask me how cute it is in the middle of the night, though, and you'd probably get a different response.

Have any of you checked out Ravelry?  It's an amazing site with lots of patterns, even for those of us who crochet instead of knit (there are lots of knitting patterns, too!).  I just might have to start crocheting again.   But first I have some Bubble Dresses to sew for my girls.


  1. Love the quilt!
    and the picture...
    Tell Jude that there is nothing wrong with him.
    Our 9 year old came in the other night and said "I can't sleep. Can I sleep with ya'll?"
    Thank Godness for a King- Sized bed!

  2. I was telling Rachel that my evil plan (as cute as the little buggers are) is to get a twin bed so that no matter how hard they try, they'd slide right off the edge of the bed (insert evil laugh here) - Dan

  3. LOL!
    I am soo having an I LOVE LUCY flashback. Do you remember the twin beds ?!?!
    Maybe that was the reason.
    Let me knowhow that works out for ya..we may be buying new furniture. :)

  4. Thanks for posting this Rachel. I love your quilt! And I am glad to know that we are not alone in the night wakings!

  5. LOL Its the same force ( through no fault of their own) that drives them to do onery type things! :)

    Twin bed, huh? I would go berserk!!

    :) Gorgeous quilt!


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