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Love... and Hair

This morning Jude asked me what Valentine's day is all about.  "Love,"  I told him.   "Oh, so it's about God!" he replied.    Indeed - God is love.

We started our morning with this

I got the recipe here.  Jude said he thinks this is what people from France eat for breakfast every morning.

Last weekend, Dan took Evie to the ethnic hair salon to learn a new 'do.   Doing Evie's hair is Dan's thing.  He loves it.  He considers it their special bonding time.  He perfected the last style they taught him and was ready for something new.  They decided to keep it easy for him this time.

 Indigo is ever so jealous of Evie's hair.  She cries about how she wants hair like Evie's and how she doesn't like her hair one bit.  We talk about being thankful for what you are given and how our differences make life interesting.  She persists, begging for curls.  I bought a curling iron and curled her hair, so she could also get some special hair time.  But of course the curls weren't small enough for her liking, not like Evie's.  So last night, I did rag curls.

She finally got the curls she was looking for - and a hair do that matched her sister's.  Jude asked to take some pictures of her.  We cannot take a picture of Indigo these days without her posing.

To illustrate

I have no idea where she gets this!  We don't have cable or even tv, so it's not like she's watching America's Next Top Model behind our backs.  I don't subscribe to any magazines other than Mothering which is pretty granola-ville.  I think I'm safe there.  I'm not sure where she picked this up.  She's been doing it for months, too.  When my sister asked her what she was doing when taking her picture over Christmas, she innocently shirked it off replying, "What?  This is just what I do for pictures." 

Thankfully, I did get one of her smiling naturally, laughing at her sister's antics. 

 I was hoping to get a picture of the girls together with their matching hair styles.  But, alas, there is only so much a mother can ask for, especially on a school morning.


  1. oh my goodness!! LOVE the hair on both girls =) My mom used to do sponge curlers in mine and it would be tight as could be and I loved it!
    Happy Vday to you and your family! We did heart shaped pancakes this morning! Love you guys

  2. Such beautiful girls & a handsome boy to boot! :)

    I love that Dan bonds with E through hair.....I can't express it better than that ~ but I'm smiling hugely!!!

    Miss I is getting to be so big or at least appears so in these photos...and grows more lovely in each post; I think you have a natural model on your hands!!!


    P.S. Glat to hear we are not the only fam. without extensive cable!!! :)

  3. Oh my GOSH, your kids are adorable!

  4. perfect!
    It looks great on her...and I bet ya 10 bucks she got that little pose from Rachel's runway video.
    She's got the LOOK, MAMA!

  5. ADORABLE- all of them. But, those rag curls make Indie look so cute! LOVE it!

  6. It was so good to catch up with you and see all the pictures. I haven't checked blogs in forever. This has to be my favorite post of all of them. Both girls look absolutely adorable with their curls and I just thought that was the neatest thing that Dan actually does her hair and enjoys it. He must be a very cool Daddy:). Oh and I will have to google rag curls and figure that out. I never heard of that - only sponge curlers - but that looks simple and comfortable.


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