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Just over halfway...

Within the last few days my belly has grown exponentially and suddenly n o t h i n g fits.  I'm only 22 weeks, people.  I'm not complaining, just saying...

So I think I'm right on track for another 8 + lb baby.

My husband's sisters and their families are here from Asia.  We haven't seen them in four years.  We're having  We have 6 adults and 7 kids under one roof.  Good times.  I'll post pictures soon.


  1. YAY- you look great!! I can't believe you are 22 weeks already!!!

    And, LOVE the new blog look! :)

  2. TIme is flying for me too! You look wonderful!

  3. Rachel, you look gorgeous!! I can't believe you're over half way there, I'm so excited for you all!

    Glad you are enjoying your time with family, I bet the kids are having a blast!

    Thank you for all your sweet comments about Callie!! {hugs}

  4. Hate to sound repetitive, but you look gorgeous! ;-)


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