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I'm Loving...

::  that this month (week? night?) we will meet the newest member of our family.  This book is giving me renewed confidence as I approach labor and birth for a third time.

:: that my freezer is stocked with lots of frozen goodness after a dear friend and I spent an afternoon preparing meals together.  The food tasted delicious.   The fellowship, laughter and love that went into it only made it better.  Even if I was having so many contractions that we thought she might just have to catch this baby in a strainer.

 :: this Roasted Tomato and Eggplant soup.  And the weather being cool, dark, and stormy while we enjoyed it.  An added bonus, especially here in Texas.

:: fall flowers from my thoughtful husband.

::  Evie's special bond with her dad.  And those l o n g, tight hugs that she loves to give.

::  seeing handmade quilts strewn throughout our home.  Even if I didn't always enjoy every part of the process of making them.  Machine quilting?  I think those days are mostly over for me.  I'm decidedly in love with hand sewing.  (Have I mentioned that already?)

Two more coming soon!

Wishing you a lovely October and a fantastic fall!


  1. Lovely post! Go ahead and gave that baby on thursday. It's my birthday! I am excited to meet your baby girl!

  2. I can't believe she is coming so soon!! I MUST see you!! =)


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