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6 weeks

I blinked and Iris went from being a newborn to being a baby.  The realization hit me like a ton of bricks.  No more curled up frog legs or wrinkly pink skin.  Her umbilical cord stump is long gone and she's getting roly poly.  I shed a tear or two as I held her in my arms.  Then she looked up at me and smiled.  Her smile was followed up by some pretty adorable cooing.  I melted.

Ready or not, we are on to this next stage, in all of its heart-warming goodness.

This place is nice, too.

{A special thanks to my mom for forcing me to take some pictures of baby Iris before she grew even bigger!}


  1. Oh, different she looks already! Really.....why does it have to happen so fast?

    She's adorable.....newborn, matter...her cuteness trancends age! :)

  2. She is beautiful!!! Keep the posts and pictures coming!


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