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Lowering the Bar

I was home this morning with my two babes, my older two being away at school.  When Evie's speech therapist canceled her appointment for later in the day, I found myself wondering what I would do with all of my free time.  You know, all of the free time that one has with only newborn and toddler at home.  Oh how my perspective has changed over the years!

So, with Iris asleep in the wrap, I had my hands free to spend most of the morning with my girl, Evie.

The peanut butter on her shirt is left over from breakfast.  (The girl has a peanut butter addiction.)

The chocolate around her mouth?  That's from molten lava chocolate cookies.  (We both have a chocolate addiction.)

Yup, she's still in her pajamas and it was nearly noon.

The bar's a little lower around here these days, but we're having fun all the same.

Oh, how I love my Ethiopian beauty!


  1. loving all these posts, rachel!!!!!

  2. Love this one! Cracked me up! Perfect attitude!

  3. that last picture, I think she looks like Jude (it's her mouth...I feel like it resembles him)! Maybe it's her expression!

    Glad you are enjoying your "Free time"! I know EXACTLY what you mean by that!!! :)


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