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These Sleepy Days

::  I'm learning that my levels of energy, motivation, and creativity correlate well with the amount of sleep I've had the night before.  Considering that Iris' sleep habits leave us wondering if she is actually a Cullen, it's no surprise that these three buttons have sat idly all week, waiting to be sewn.

:: The aforementioned situation was not helped by the fact that four out of the six of us had a stomach virus last weekend.  (Thankfully, the two babies were spared.)

::  In an interesting twist of fate, our washing machine bit the dust the day after said virus.

::  Our coffee maker quickly followed suit.
        ::  We watch with awe and reverence as Miss Iris unfolds from life in the womb to life earth-side.  She has already grown out of some of her newborn clothes and recently rolled from her side to her tummy.  She's not even three weeks old.  Slow down on the growing, dear child!  It's too fast for this mama.

        ::  I was inspired by a friend who reminded me to see all of my children, exactly where they are, with the same fascination shown to a newborn.  Sure, their growing and changing aren't quite as dramatic.  But it's fleeting all the same.

        • Like the way my other baby, Evie, seems like such a big girl in comparison to a newborn, but is still a baby in so many ways. Spending 20 minutes rocking together makes her the happiest girl in the world.  

            • Or how Indigo, at four, loves nothing more than to go outside and pick flowers for me.

            • Or how Jude in all his sweetness told me I have pretty eyes.  (That boy knows just how to melt a mama's heart.)

              These days with a newborn are sleepy ones.  They're days where my house is messier than it once was and my laundry is piled higher.  There are times when, in my fatigue, I have to resist the urge to nag and work a little harder to cultivate patience.  Because even though I am tired, I have three children with abundant energy.

              But there's magic in these days.  They are days brimming with so much love.  And so many tender, beautiful moments.

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