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Christmas Crafting {for the Gifts}

In the quiet of naptime, when the stars aligned and both babies were asleep at the same time, Indigo and I wrapped gifts.   As we wrapped, I envisioned the wrapping paper strewn across the living room floor on Christmas Eve night, later to be collected up into trash bags.  (Downer Debbie, I know.)  But it felt a little wasteful. 

I glanced up and noticed some crinkled up brown packaging paper stuffed in a box with one of the gifts.  I remembered this photo that I had pinned on Pinterest.

I ran an iron quickly over the paper to take out the wrinkles.  It wasn't perfect, but I knew the kids wouldn't mind.  Then we hit my scrap pile.  There is something oh so gratifying about using up scraps.  (If you have fabric scraps you'd like to use, there's a fantastic tutorial on DIY ribbon making here.)

Indigo and I stamped each gift with our favorite Christmas-themed stamps.  Then we added our handmade tags (address labels, cut to size).

We placed labels on our traditionally wrapped gifts, too. 

I love when projects come together spontaneously like this one... when you realize you have everything you need and the ordinary suddenly becomes just a little more creative.

It's even better when these moments are shared with a sidekick who thinks it's just as fun as you do.

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