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long overdue

I took an unintentionally long break from blogging as life got away from us for a while.  Dan's parents were here from Florida and spent a long weekend with us.  We had great conversation, fantastic food and lots and lots of coffee.  It was a wonderful time.

The kids could not wait to see Grammy and Grampy (often run together as one word - GrammyGrampy) and the girls were intent on getting fancy for them.  The 'fanciness' began with Evie's hot oil treatment.

Not one to be left out, Indigo wanted in too.

Later, Candy Matching Game was played.  This is a favorite game around here.  Grammy was this close to beating the unbeatable Indigo... on her first try even.

We were all rather impressed.  Indigo's the candy memory game champ!

The big event was Iris' baptism.  GrammyGrampy were standing in for Iris' godparents - Dan's sister and brother-in-law who live in Cambodia.

I made Iris' (unconventional) dress and bonnet and I plan to blog that later.  We were too busy enjoying Grammy and Grampy's company to take many pictures.  Let's just say we all had a good laugh when we saw Iris in that bonnet.  We called her 'Amish baby'.

Oh yes, and we forgot her tights for the service!  We waited to get her dressed until we got to the church to reduce the possibility of something getting on Iris' cream dress.  It was the classic I thought Dan had them and he thought I did.   It was okay.  It was a warm day here in Texas.  My mom said the lack of tights made her look even more Amish.

I hope to take and post pics of Amish baby soon.

Happy weekend!


  1. Your family is so beautiful! Happy baptism day to little Iris! I love her dress and bonnet, and most especially love that you made them for her. You did a wonderful job :)

  2. Gorgeous family! And I love Iris' baptism outfit. Although, now you're going to have me thinking "Amish Baby" every time I think of her. ;-)


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