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Toasty Toes

Even though Iris is our fourth child, I still haven't figured out how to keep socks on my babies' feet.

They always seem to wriggle out of them - or pull them off - and I'm left with a baby wearing only one sock (at best).

Yesterday, I was out with my three girls and a stranger chastised me for not having socks on my baby.

It was 65 degrees outside.  (In the Midwest, we call that summer.)  And we were indoors when she made the comment.  I sheepishly covered Iris' feet with her flannel blanket.

As soon as I got home, I dug out her booties, which I made for her while pregnant.

I've been waiting for her to grow into them.  They fit perfectly now, with a bit of room for growing.

The pattern is from Anna Maria Horner's book Handmade Beginnings.   She's had six babies.  She knows how to keep booties on the feet of babes!

These booties aren't going anywhere.

Yes, all is well now.  At least for Iris' feet.


  1. Wow does she look like her mother... and I love the booties!!!!!

  2. So cute! I want you to know. I'm not very good at leaving comments, but I'm an avid reader. Iris and Mavis sure do sound alike! The world and our family revolves around Mavis! I just finally left her for the first time with my mom last night...sure, she cried for 45 minutes, but she eventually fell asleep and boy, did Dan and I need a night out. We went to the Wilco show. I love my baby, but I can't wait for the day I can go on a date with my husband and not be constantly worried about how the baby is doing. And I only have 3 kids! You are doing IT ALL with 4! Are you on Facebook? We should be friends. My last name is Lapour. I hope I've already told you, but congratulations on the birth of Iris. She is beautiful! I love her name! You have a beautiful family and I love seeing all your projects! Also, I appreciate all your sweet comments on my blog! Warmly, Autumn

  3. Ack! Too, too adorable! Those are gorgeous booties. I can't believe strangers sometimes - the nerve! Ah well, at least Iris got some stylish footwear out of the ordeal ;)

  4. I LOVE these! LOVE, LOVE them! I have a friend who is having TRIPLETS in the summer! I might have to order three from you! :) (OR take up sewing, however, I think I can handle a monster pillow, but NOT booties!!!)

  5. First of all, Iris is GORGEOUS! And those booties are TOO cute! And I want to smack that lady who made that comment. I'm fairly certain toes cannot be frostbitten in an indoor climate, and really, if Iris had a problem with it, I'm sure she would tell you. ;-) I'm just amazed that you can run errands with 3 kids--I have a tough enough time with 1. ;-)


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