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Around here

::  Iris is five months old already!   She's crawling everywhere and putting e v e r y t h i n g in her mouth.  That means this mama has to kick it up notch, being extra vigilant about what's on the floor.

::  This book confirmed my intuitive belief that sleep is largely a facet of temperament.  It provides perfect encouragement for those of us experiencing sleepless nights - with some good tips, too!

::  This TED talk on children and media is fantastic.

::  We find using part of our weekend for meal planning makes dinner time go much more smoothly during the week.  (For best results, write the menu when you're hungry.)  This honey ginger cashew chicken was amazing.

::  So were these cookies.  I made them with a butter substitute and dark chocolate chips, being E is allergic to dairy.  They stayed high (versus falling flat) and were so tasty!

::  I wouldn't be surprised if Evie ended up being a world-class baker someday.   Among her first words were cake, pie, and cooo-kie.  She'll never pass up an opportunity to help out in the kitchen; even when helping means dumping an entire container of baking soda onto the floor...which reminds me.  I need to add baking soda to the shopping list. 

::  One of the joys of having a new reader in the house is that he loves entertaining his siblings with story time.  Jude is a master story teller - changing his voice for characters and making the whole story come alive.  He has two adoring fans.

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