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Around Here

After some deliberation, we've decided to keep this girl home with me this year, rather than send her to preschool.

The school we love so dearly is almost a 25 minute drive away (each way!). We're already driving nearly that distance to get Jude and Indigo from school.  Keeping her home has allowed us to have lots of one-on-one time together, especially while Iris naps.  It's been great for both of us and lots of fun.   She's only 3, so she'll have plenty of time for school.  I'm glad we chose to simplify this year.

With Evie at home, I'm trying to make our days together a little more special, if a bit preschool-like.  Lately, in our house, we've been focusing on the changes of seasons, from summer to fall.  Which sometimes feels like wishful thinking here in Texas!

- We've been reading these ten books, checked out from the library.  {To the clever genius who created the 'hold' policy at the library - I thank you!}

- My Fall Pinterest board looks like this

- We've baked apple pie from the recipe in this sweet book.  We also attempted to make dried apples.  They never fully dried out, but baked apples are tasty too.

Speaking of baking and cooking, we have been loving this cookbook - Feeding the Whole Family.  I've been using it regularly since my pregnancy with Iris, but lately we've been choosing a recipe from this book almost every night.  I don't use cookbooks much anymore, so in our world, that says a lot.

 Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies from Feeding the Whole Family

Our Iris has mastered walking.  She giggles with delight when she gets going fast.  Sometimes she will make a large circle around the room, thrilled with her new-found mobility and the joy of being a bi-ped.  The ability to walk is a blessing we so frequently take for granted.  I love the way my kids remind me to find magic in the ordinary.

With all of that walking, my days with this babe in arms for long periods of time are few and far between.  So I savor moments like these.

On moments to savor, Jude's smile sans his two front teeth melts my heart.

I see it and I want to freeze a snapshot of that grin to save forever.

I'm so thankful we have a camera to capture these moments.


  1. Ah. Your children are all so lovely!

  2. They're all doing such a great job growing up!

  3. P.S. I have that cookbook. Maybe I should dust it off and try a few things ... any special recommendations?

  4. I sure do.

    We like -
    Dilled Brown Rice and Kidney Beans
    Santa Fe Black Bean Salad
    Aunt Cathy's Crunchy Ramen coleslaw (I use apple cider vinegar instead of balsamic and toasted slivered almonds, too)
    Lemon Basil Potato Salad
    Emerald City Salad (This one is somewhat labor intensive.)
    Golden Mushroom Basil Soup
    Dr Bruce's Awesome Grilled Salmon (*we make this one a lot - so amazing)
    Sweet Apple Walnut Kale
    Basil Dressing from the Romaine Chop Salad
    Lemon Cranberry Scones (I used dried cherries- Yum!)
    Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

    Those are the ones we use the most.


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