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Here, now.

Iris has discovered a love of baskets.  Not to play with what's in them.  Nope, that doesn't matter much to her.   She wants to play in them.

Which is much cuter than her other favorite activity - dropping random things into the toilet. 

Iris is almost 11 months old now.  A baby's first year is intense, to be sure.  Dan and I were talking about how demanding and yet how beautiful it has been.  We've savored these days, even the bleary-eyed ones.  

Sometimes bloggers mention how fast their kids are growing in a way that feels like maybe they'd rather go back than forward.  That's not how we feel.  Every stage has it highlights and it's own special things to enjoy.

I love the hand-picked flowers from my girls, given on an almost daily basis.  

The way Indigo is so nurturing -  with her siblings and her dolls.

I'm loving Evie's language explosion and long, meaningful conversations with our deep thinker, Jude.

Yes, we're happy to be where we are.  To embrace it.  To be present, right here.


  1. So lovely. I know what you mean about savoring the days but being okay to move forward too. I'm always a little bittersweet about my kids getting older, but also excited for what's next.

  2. I love how you capture great little moments.
    This year with our babies certainly did fly by, but savor, we certainly did do!

  3. So glad I'm finally getting a chance to catch up. So many sweet moments caught in this one! Is that the Millennium Falcon Jude's working on, or the Death Star? Either way, I have Lego envy...


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