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KCWC - Day 1... and on turning over a new leaf

I decided to ease my way into the Kids Clothes Week Challenge with the Big Butt Pants by Made by Rae.  (If my kids were reading, they'd wag a finger and say, "Mo-om, you said butt!').

When it comes to fabric and patterns, I generally follow the old adage, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."  For the most part, I have tended to emphasize the positives of both fabrics and patterns in this space.  Fabric and pattern designers are often moms and I want to support them.  

 Where's Iris?

But then I read this thought provoking blog post and the ensuing comment thread.  One reader astutely observed that us mom bloggers are essentially doing the marketing for fabric and pattern designers  We take photos and post them to our blogs and to various flickr groups.  There's an unspoken rule to only gush about how fantastic the [fabric/pattern/tutorial] is.  And I'll admit, I have felt shy to do otherwise.


But one of the reasons I blog is to give back to the sewing community, which has provided me with so much inspiration and taught me so much.

Therefore, I hereby declare I am turning over a new leaf.  I'm going to start blogging about the good (as always) as well as the, um,  opportunities for growth in certain patterns.  

 Not in a mean or destructive way.  But in a kind and constructive way.

And I'll start tomorrow!


  1. Good for you. That stuff really gets glossed over, doesn't it? And it can be so helpful. Those pants are adorable, by the way. :)

  2. I think that is an excellent policy - it's helpful to both the designer and any other people who are thinking of buying a pattern if you share your ideas for how a pattern might be improved, or any difficulties you had with it.
    I love the big butt baby pants you've made here, I tried that pattern when my little girl was a new born and ended up adding some elastic to the cuffs because her tiny feet kept getting tangled up in the legs.

  3. Yes, I try to be honest at least with the parts *I* struggled with. Some patterns are definitely better than others. I have only once received a really bad pattern, and I was mad. I couldn't believe this lady was selling such a horrible pattern, and at such a high price.

  4. I'm trying to get better about this, too. There are some patternmakers I avoid now, or at least approach skeptically, after getting frustrated in the past. And my blog posts may or may not have reflected that frustration (probably not enough). I tend to have more private conversations with friends about "tips for when they sew it" rather than putting it on my blog, which probably does a disservice to my readers, i agree. So good for you! We need more of this.

    Now I'm wondering if you felt that way about these pants, though! Looks like they turned out pretty perfectly to me. ;)

  5. I was thinking the same thing - did you have something to say about the BBBPs? These acorn ones are adorable! I do try to offer "tips" when I work with patterns, but I have offered constructive criticism and then had the actual designer stop by my blog to comment, so I always try to remember that these are real people, you know? :-)

    1. Right. I would never trash a pattern on my blog. And I have definitely sewn my fair share of poorly written patterns, particularly tutorials, and kept those to myself. Yet I feel I'm not being fully authentic if I must censor my reviews in this space to only gushing about patterns. I also feel it's not true to the sewing experience, which is not always rainbows and unicorns. Personally, as a blog reader, I would appreciate reading reviews of patterns that were honest - to both the positives and negatives. It's a way that we can grow as a community. I certainly would never want to hurt a designer's feelings and that is not at all the point. Candor with kindness, I hope. :)

  6. I love how the first commenter pointed out that fair, critical reviews are helpful to both the sewing community and the designer. That's just how I feel - feedback is how I learn and grow. Only positive feedback is stunting.

  7. Those pics of Iris are ADORABLE. (And I get in trouble for "butt" too. When did that become a bad word?). ;-)

  8. Those pics of Iris are ADORABLE. (And I get in trouble for "butt" too. When did that become a bad word?). ;-)


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