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Quote of the Week... and other thoughts

"Man, daylight saving time jacks with families!"

-Dan (at 11p when two of our kids were still wide awake)


Jude, Indigo and Dan are all home on spring break this week.  Today, the kids and I were sitting around the table, snacking on fruits and vegetables while Dan made sandwiches for us for lunch.  I told the kids about how only a few generations ago, lots of dads didn't help around the house.  (I also showed them this clip from Mary Poppins, which makes Dan and I laugh so much every time.)  We talked about how Dan's grandmother had five children and cooked all of the meals, did all of the cleaning, laundry and ironing.  His grandfather was a wonderful man; this was the societal norm of the time. Yet, despite the fact that Dan's dad was raised in this more 'traditional' paradigm, he wasn't confined to it.  To this day, he's always looking for ways to help.  It's inspiring.  When he comes to our house for a visit, I can guarantee there won't be a dirty dish in the house while he's here!

Dan's the same way.  Unlike Mr. Banks in Mary Poppins, he doesn't see himself as lord of our castle.  He has an important job at work, and boy, that could easily go to a person's head... but it doesn't go to his head.  He works long hours and that could be a pretty good excuse for not contributing much around here... and yet he's eager to help.  He often says, "This is a team sport."

The kids and I talked about how our tendency often is to want to be served rather than to serve. But we bring so much joy, peace and harmony when we look for ways to love and help one another.  It's not always easy, but it's definitely worth it.  It's contagious, too.  When someone serves us, our hearts fill with so much love.  We want to serve them in return.

I am so thankful for the ways Dan sacrificially and unconditionally loves our family.  I'm thankful for the example his father set for him.  I'm thankful for the example Dan is setting for our children.  I've heard it said that our children absorb 10% of what we say to them (in that parental kind of way) and 90% of what we do.  The latter includes what they overhear us say, too.  I believe that's probably true.  

I'm blessed to be married to this guy.  His love for us inspires me.


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  1. Awww. :)

    Daylight savings, combined with Spring Break Camp at school being less structured than the usual school day, jacked M UP! This, too, shall pass... Right?!!


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