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The Process of Intexication

To say moving from Madison, Wisconsin to Texas seven years ago was a shock to the system is a bit of an understatement.  The climate is about as different as the culture.  I'll never forget a conversation we had with our neighbors who were transplants from Berkeley and Boulder.  We talked about acclimating.  I mentioned I missed the seasons.  I didn't feel like I fit in here.  They assured us, "Just give it time.  Eventually you'll become intexicated."  I wasn't so sure.

Itty Bitty

It didn't happen overnight, but slowly, things started to change.  Instead of pining for the traditional change in seasons and winter snowfalls, I found I enjoyed the mild winters.  I became ridiculously intolerant of the cold (kind of like this).  I love that the sun shines so much here.  I like that it doesn't get dark so early in the winters.  And the Mexican food?  Oh the Mexican food!  How did I ever live without it?

Itty Bitty

However Dan took it to a whole new level yesterday.  He told me that he wanted to play a song for Iris called Little-Bitty, since his nickname for her is Itty-Bitty.  He was searching for it and then mumbled something about it being a country song.   

How did you hear a country song?  I asked.

"I may have been listening to the country station on the way to work. "

From NPR to the country station.  I'm not sure it gets more intexicated than that!

Itty Bitty

If Dan adds an I wasn't born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could bumper sticker to the back of his Suburu, someone please tell us that this whole intexication thing has gone too far!


{Iris, a native Texan, just so happens to love her song.  She'd run to hug Dan like this when he played it and then cried for more each time it ended.}

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  1. I cannot condone the country music, but I heart Daddy-kid lovey pictures. There are some really sweet ones here! I'm fighting the inTexication--Markus still does not have a pair of cowboy boots... (although I do love me some Mexican food--and BBQ--and I'm a total cold weather sissy now)


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