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Another Roller Skate Dress... and a Party

This year for Indigo's birthday, we threw a party - a bowling party with the girls in her class and their parents and siblings as our guests.  A new roller skate dress in voile seemed just right for the occasion.  It simultaneously accomplished my mission of working toward restocking Indigo's closet.  This growing girl is in desperate need of new dresses.  Her dresses from last year officially qualify as tunics now!

Indigo's bday

The last time I made this dress in voile, I had some issues with the top of the dress being a bit large, even sliding off of Evie's shoulder.  I wondered if it was related to using voile, which is quite slippery.  But I didn't have that problem this time.  I guess those sewing flukes just happen once in awhile. 


Indigo is 6, but very tall and lean.  I cut the dress in a size 6, but added an inch to the length.   That seemed just right for her.

Indigo's birthday 

Indigo loved the voile.  She wore the dress all day, slept in it, and then wanted to wear it again the next day, until she sat on a ball of silly putty, which by the way, comes off with rubbing alcohol and a butter knife.  (A few things that don't remove silly putty from voile: sticking the dress in the freezer, rubbing ice on it or trying to peel it off yourself).   She said it was her most comfortable dress ever!  Her enthusiasm is the best, but I'll admit, that voile really is amazing!

 party nails!

Rather than buying party favors, we instead bought a huge bouquet of balloons.  We then gave one balloon to each of the kids at the end of the party.  The kids loved them and Indigo felt pretty special holding all of those balloons!

Indigo's birthday

The party gave me the chance to get to know some of the kindergarten parents better, which was really great. Indigo asked,  "Mom, are you so excited to have so much time to talk with grown-ups?!"


We planned the party in a week.  I sewed the button on Indigo's dress only an hour before it started.  I don't generally like to cut it that close, but it all came together in the end.  And for that, I'm thankful!



  1. Indigo looks gorgeous! And I love the idea of balloons in lieu of party favors!!!

  2. Aw, indigo is such a pretty little gal (she looks just like her mama!). Love this roller skate! :)

  3. Looks like fun! I love the idea of using balloons for decor and favors. I've never been much into favors unless it's something they make, but that idea totally works!

  4. Beautiful dress and girl! You have me wanting to make one for my 6 yr old. :)

  5. Happy birthday Indigo! I love the shot of her sipping from her straw (with painted nails) - like something out of a movie still! And of course, adorable dress! You are on a roll, woman!

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