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Around Here

A package of fabric arrived in the mail today - some of the happiest and very best mail to receive!  I am so looking forward to doing some sewing.  I currently have a wholecloth quilt for Jude in the works.  Lately our days have been so full that I haven't been able to spend much time behind the machine.

First and foremost, my niece has been staying with us for nearly three weeks already.  Her family arrives from Thailand next week, which will cap off her stay with us. She's an artist, so the older kids now have lots of fab memories doing art with their cousin.  She's also a college student, so we've had so many fascinating, deep conversations late into the night.  Aren't college students known for that?!  She did not disappoint!  :) We've watched a couple of documentaries and talked about our favorite podcasts.  She even lets me read excerpts aloud from the books I'm reading and then we discuss!  Yup, it's pretty much conversation heaven.   We also happen to be personality twins (ENFPs) which is icing on the cake. 

Secondly, it's the end of the school year and I was telling my niece that I feel like I've been dropping the ball.  I haven't been as organized as I'd like and I really prefer not to do things at the last minute.  Then I read this blog post and laughed so much.  The post is obviously satire, but the end of the school year is a grind, right?  We're ready for summer!

Jude was Theodore Roosevelt for the Living Wax Museum.

living wax museum
living wax museum
living wax museum

Indigo had her kindergarten graduation.


Evie has been doing great - 4 has been such a sweet age!

Iris, a once high need baby has turned into a high need toddler.   Jude was the same way but is now a super chill 8 year old.  It's been 7 years since I've had a toddler who struggled with things like transitions.  I was googling tips (which were so helpful) and laughing to myself that she's our fourth child yet I still need to consult the oracle, google, for parenting tips.  It reminds me of my aunt who said she was reading a parenting book in the hospital after her 5th baby was born.  Hey, I say it's good to be a life long learner!  :)

garage time
garage time

Iris is so sweet and so funny and so loved!  Today as we were getting ready to get Jude and Indigo from school, Evie looked at Iris and - in her very sweetest, sing songy voice said, "You don't have to cwy (cry) when Mama buckles you into your carseat today, okay, Little Miss?!" (nodding).  

Oh that Evie girl is the sweetest, too.  I'm so blessed to call her my daughter!


  1. I love Evie's comment to Iris! That is so sweet and loving! It's funny, Joe was/is quite a high-needs kid, but he is so comforting and sweet towards his little sister when she's having "a moment" - it warms my heart to see!

    So wait, they become easy going and super chill at eight? Good to know, thanks! ;-)

  2. Just getting caught up on your blog--sorry! I love the stache on Jude. :) And the fact that you let Iris play with power tools. SO COOL! When I get back from the Moscow-then-Omaha adventure, we should do coffee over Skype. ;-)

    1. yes, yes jenny! email me when you get back! :)


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