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Around here

When Jude and Indigo were in preschool, their teachers told us that preschoolers should not do worksheets.  No worksheets!  they'd warn.  Worksheets stifle creativity!  Learning should be hands on!  And Jude and Indigo never really did worksheets.

dot paint

But I currently have a preschooler who l o v e s worksheets.  Her face lights up anytime I present her with a new one.   She wants to learn letters and work at the table with the big kids.  Dare I say a worksheet or two a day has even enhanced her creativity?  All things in moderation.

dot paint

Do you have a kid who likes worksheets, too?  (If so, Tarikua would recommend this and this and this.)  Pinterest calls them 'printables'.  Doesn't that sounds so much more fancy and creative?  Around here, we don't do any worksheets.  Only printables.  :) 

dot paint

I'm always on the look out for ways to keep Iris engaged.  I recently bought this eBook on creating sensory bins.  It was only $3 and had some really great ideas.  We made one bin with dried beans and Iris and Tarikua both loved it.  One of the reasons I had never done sensory bins before was because of the mess factor.  This time I laid the bin on the laminate side of this picnic blanket on our living room floor.  The girls (mostly) kept the beans on the blanket and when they were done playing, I picked up both ends of the blanket so the beans all fell to the center and dumped them back into the container.  This morning Iris played with ice and water in various containers for over an hour (outside).  This mama was impressed!

The author of the eBook also has a sensory pinterest board which looks amazing.

And speaking of awesome pinterest boards, Oak Meadow's boards are incredible.  Much of the time, I'm lukewarm about pinterest, but when it comes to Oak Meadow's boards, I'm practically giddy!  So many great ideas!  All in one place!

Indigo found this newly hatched lizard yesterday.  Its tail even matched her stripes.  As someone who sews (and loves stripes!), the coincidence was not lost on me.

lizard, newly hatched

We also have a squirrel in our backyard who is a liiiitle too friendly.

squirrel, creepily friendly

That's Jude.  Three inches from the squirrel's face.  Yeah, I'm not sure what to make of that...


  1. I had to laugh while reading this because my four year old loves worksheets - oh, excuse me - printables too! I'm sure it also has something to do with making her feel like one of the "big kids" since she does them while the other kids at the babysitter's house do their school work.
    I'll have to check out these resources you always find such amazing things!
    And that lizard picture is just fantastic!

  2. Oh fun! My four year old and three year old LOVE worksheets! And you're right, printables sounds much fancier!

    Love the lizard shot, you should frame that one!

    1. thanks so much! you know, that's not a bad idea. maybe someday i will frame a few photos of the kids with their favorite things for their bedrooms.

  3. Me too. Any form with blank spots to put letters, I even enjoy filling in landing cards on aeroplanes! That lizard photo is beautiful. I can just imagine how those tiny lizard feet would feel on her back. can't beat that for sensory!

  4. That lizard's striped tail! To die for! Great shot!

    Joe is weirdly, scared of squirrels. That photo is making me think he may know something I don't. Eeeeek.

  5. We love sensory bins. It's been a while since I've put one together. The best investment I made was a little dustpan and broom, so the kids could sweep up their own mess afterwards. Sometimes the best part of the whole experience is tipping stuff on the floor and sweeping it up again :)


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