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Stuff we like

* Will my blogging card be revoked if I admit I'm not into feet?  I'm just not.  I realize having feet in photos is an artsy thing to do.  If you spend any time on Instagram, you will be virtually guaranteed to see feet.  Feet on the beach.  Feet in the grass.  Feet kicked up.  Feet next to sewing projects. You will not find my feet in my photos.  If I accidentally take a photo that includes my foot, I crop it out.  No feet here.  But I do love baby feet.  I could kiss baby feet all day long.  And while I don't spend much time kissing my toddler's feet, I do still think they're unbelievably cute.


I also love the way Iris accessorizes with headbands.  Let's just say her style isn't exactly understated.


Iris loves to listen to iTunes on our iPad.  Has anyone else noticed how intuitive iPads (and iPhones) are for toddlers and little kids?  Without any help from us, she has figured out how to work our iPad.  She navigates into iTunes and can even find her favorite songs!

So proud of herself!

* After I put Iris down for her nap today, I took a quick shower and came out to this.


A completely quiet house with these three engaged in books!  For a bookworm like myself, I couldn't have been more thrilled.  I grabbed my camera as quickly as I could, knowing these quiet moments never last long.  (It didn't.)

* I was really happy with this air-dry clay.  Each of the kids made a handprint plate.  It was easy to use and dried nicely.  We'll definitely be using it for our Oak Meadow clay projects.

air dry clay

* When I first discovered Pinterest a few years ago, I was pretty much perpetually disappointed by it.  I'd see a beautifully photographed project that looked great, but was, more often than not, a letdown.  We stocked our freezer with crock pot meals that turned out to be virtually inedible.  The kids and I attempted experiments that looked magical... but never turned out that way.  Heck, they generally didn't turn out, period.  So for a long while I avoided Pinterest altogether.

But lately, I've been finding some cool projects and fun crafts.  Here are a few that we have really enjoyed recently.

 - This faux stained glass window project kept the kids busy for quite awhile.  Also, it only took a few minutes to set up.  That's a good craft in my book.

faux stained glass
faux stained glass

- This grape scented glitter galaxy play dough was a hit.  I was a little worried about this project because it initially stained my hands blue and took awhile to get a doughy texture.   But we gave it some time and it worked out great.  The kids helped from start to finish and played with it for a long time, too.  The play dough picks up the glitter so there's no glitter mess either.

grape scented play dough

- This list of fall books looks good.  We placed them on hold at the library.

*  For a little boy who thought the world was coming to an end when his first sibling entered the family, he and his sister have become inseparable.

sweet dreams

And what a wonderful little (and big) sister she is.



  1. such a sweet post and a neat little glimpse into your world. I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest . . . love the inspiration it provides, but hate the time suck (I clearly have no will power). It certainly does help with meal planning though!
    Your stained glass windows reminded me of Pinterest project I did this week with my 5 year old - it turned out surprisingly well and I"d recommend it as long as you do the cutting.

    1. wow, lucinda, this post is awesome. i love those birds! i can't wait to show this to my girls. thank you for sharing it with me.

      i've been disappointed in the recipes i've found on pinterest. maybe i need to track you down there and follow your meals! :)

  2. I need to read your blog more often-bliss.

    Do you get paper sandwich wrap in the States? If you collect fresh leaves and place them between two sheets of the paper and press with a warm iron it make pretty pictures to stick on the windows.

    Our chaps co-sleep when they want to as well, I love it!

    1. nicole, i'm wondering if that's like our wax paper? i saw some beautiful wax paper leaf crafts on pinterest. that's a great idea!

      for awhile, all three of our 'big' kids were sleeping together. but the oldest two were keeping our four year old up and so she started sleeping in her brother's bed alone. we always have a game of musical beds going on over here! :)

  3. I had to laugh when reading about the feet because I made a little family cookbook on blurb a year ago and put a picture of my baby's feet on the front. And then I realized "hmm, not everybody probably find crusty baby feet all that attractive." Oh well.
    Gorgeous pictures - as always. They always just make me want to be part of your family. Will you adopt me? :)

  4. Ah, you have such beautiful children! Look at them! Kind of feeling you on the feet thing ... I love to smooch my babies' feet, but most of the time they are too dirty, and I forget to photograph them after baths, and yeah .... no. And grown up feet? No. (And this is coming from someone who fully embraces the hygiene hypothesis - I am no germ freak. Maybe that's my problem. I encourage my kids to get really dirty and then I'm like ewwwwww.)

    ANYWAY. Super sweet post! Love the picture of everyone absorbed in their books! Seriously, my heart would explode. I hope that happens to me at some point. :-)

  5. Looks like fun at your house! I love baby feet, but I also think adult feet are kind of odd looking. I prefer hands. I love Iris' style. So cute! I would be so stoked to see my kids reading together like that. Makes a Mama's heart happy! Keep up the good work.

  6. Recipes found through Pinterest can be hard. I normally won't use them unless I've made something from the blogger before, then it's pretty reliable! And I completely agree about feet. Frankly, they gross me out so I'm not a fan of all the feet pictures. But Iove my babies feet!!


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