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The Geranium Dress + Sunki Leggings

Having made a Geranium dress for Indigo and Iris, I knew Tarikua needed one of her own.  This dress was just the inspiration I needed to take a break from dropped bodices and peter pan collars and make one more Geranium dress.

geranium dress

Of the three bodice options, I decided to go with the sleeveless one.  I was looking ahead to cooler fall temperatures and felt it would layer particularly well.  (Realistically, though, we have a month or two of warm weather still ahead of us.)


This was my first time using piping.  I contemplated (and I do mean contemplated) using flat piping.  I spent way too long thinking about it, in fact.  I knew it would be easier to use flat piping.  But I also knew I wouldn't like it quite as much for this dress.   I really like the dimension the cording adds.

hangin around

I decided to venture into new territory and try the piping with cording, instead of flat piping which I've used before.   The selection of pre-made piping at our fabric stores was so limited, so I knew I'd likely be making my own.  I kind of feared piping, but I shouldn't have.  It was easy and really empowering.


The accent colors in this fabric were difficult to match.  I couldn't find a muted solid cotton that matched exactly.   So I went bold with orange.   I lucked out and found some bias tape that matched the orange woodpecker.


I opened up the binding and ironed it so it folded in half instead of fourths and then added the cording, using a zipper foot.  I trimmed the seam allowance to 1/2" so it was easy to add to the bodice by simply aligning its raw edges with the bodice's raw edge.

i <3 piping

I went with orange buttons to match my piping.  I thought it was serendipitous to find both buttons and bias binding that matched this shade of orange so perfectly.


With fall and winter on the horizon, I sewed another pair of Sunki leggings, this time in mustard.  They came together beautifully and this knit was a dream to work with.  I had added a bit of length to the pattern, but Tarikua is such a little peanut that they ended up being way too long.  I cut off at least two inches.  And they are still long.

geranium + leggings

Given we're a couple of months away from leggings weather and my kids are growing like weeds, I might wait to take off any more length.  Being I'm new to knits, I also want to wash them a few times to make sure I don't get any additional shrinkage before I cut off any length.  For now, we're going with the ruched look.  ;)  Tia doesn't seem to mind a bit.  Actually, she loved these leggings so much and talked about how comfortable and soft they are.  She didn't want to take them off!  There might just be knit pjs in our future, too!

beautiful tia


  1. Oh, Tarikua is so gorgeous! I love her smile. You did such a great job on that geranium dress. I love the fabric you used, and that bold orange is such a great accent and looks wonderful. Love the leggings, too. I need to venture out in leggings territory soon. I haven't been behind the sewing machine in far too long! Hugs, Fiona xoxo

  2. So pretty, the dress as well as your daughter!

  3. oh so beautiful! the orange buttons and piping were indeed serendipitous - and therefore meant to be! I just finished an Ottobre hoodie that called for rickrack trim, but I debated between flat piping and corded piping. The (easier!) flat piping won this time, but next time I may need to muster my courage to try the corded! And these photos of Tarikua are stunning - not only are you a talented seamstress, but an amazing photographer too!

    1. thanks so much, Lucinda. you always say the nicest things. go for the corded piping. it was so easy and dare i say it - fun, even! ;)

  4. Brilliant. the piping and buttons were absolutely the right choice. It's a lovely dress and the leggings match perfectly.
    I remember my first go with corded piping and that exact same feeling of 'piping power'. It's great that we can feel so pleased with ourselves and then find others who understand what we're on about! :)

  5. Orange piping! I love piping but have yet to try making my own, crazily enough! I need to get on that! I have been making and using bias binding for everything lately, it doesn't seem that much harder. I don't know which I like better - the orange piping or the mustard leggings - and Tia (!!) is so lovely, as always.

  6. I meant to tell you that I bought the sunki leggings pattern b/c of your recommendation and sewed up a little pair of leggings for my youngest. I made them out of the briar rose fabric and now I just want to munch on her little legs everytime I see her. Nom, nom, nom!


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