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Another Hanami-Geranium Hybrid

What does an avid sewer do when her sewing machine is in the shop for three weeks and her first machine (now used by her kids) also goes kaput?  In addition to having sewing withdrawals (obviously) you do the only thing you can do - cut patterns.   You cut and cut and cut while daydreaming about the day you'll be reunited with your machine once again.  Sound dramatic?  I may in fact be understating it.

There's quite a stack waiting for me on my sewing table now.  

First up was another Hanami-Geranium hybrid.


I have been seeing dresses like this popping up on pinterest as well as by some of my favorite kids' clothing retailers.  I like the longer bodice and the zipped back of the Hanami top, in this case, paired with the pleated skirt (with pockets!) of the Geranium dress (option B).

hanimi geranium

Combining patterns isn't quite as simple as just mixing and matching.  While it's certainly not difficult, it does take some thinking through.  For instance, the Geranium pleated skirt is not gathered.  So the finished skirt must be the same width as the finished top in order for them to fit together correctly.   In this case, it was important for me to be sure the width of the Hanami bodice was the same as the Geranium bodice intended to match the skirt, so the pieces would fit together properly.    

hanimi geranium

This dress was intended to be for Tarikua.  But somewhere down the line, something went askew and she was swimming in it.

secret pocket
(A secret pocket is the best kind of pocket.)

It fit Indigo perfectly, although it was a little too short.  Since I didn't want to lose any length,  I ultimately decided to finish the hem with gold quilter's binding.  I think it adds a fun bit of holiday sparkle to the dress.

hanimi geranium

She won't be able to wear this one for long, at least not as a dress, but it should be perfect for Tia next year!

{Oh and the fabric is Dear Stella Petal Pusher, Watercolor in Brown.  I used it here, too.}


  1. Oh, lovely colours, and I just love that gold trim! Definitely very festive!

  2. This dress is delightful, and I love the tights you paired it with!

  3. This is gorgeous and the gold trim is perfect! I finished my first Hanimi dress a few weeks ago and still haven't blogged it, but I also did a pleated skirt. It might be one of my favorite things I've ever sewn for my daughter.

  4. Oh I love the gold trim and the pretty print! I was just realizing today that in that film petit post that O is wearing a shirt I made for Em when she was 4, and he's not even 3 yet! Fits him perfectly. Not that it's a habit for my boy and my girl to exchange clothes, but funny. So is your machine finally back, or is this on the old one??

  5. That gold trim is amazing! I love it! And it looks super cute with tights!

  6. That is a fantastic pairing of two patterns!
    And I know that the gold trim was born out of necessity...but I love what it does for the dress!
    (and can I just say how jealous that you have short sleeve weather down there!)

  7. Looks lovely and the gold trim is perfect. I LOVE those tights!

  8. Oh no! My machine is kind of on the fritz too. I'm still in denial, thinking I can fix it myself, but it might need to go to the shop. At which point, I'm going to be freaking miserable, and cutting out five hundred patterns too!!! I have a back up sewing machine, but it was always on the fritz, which is why I needed a new machine, so I don't have high hopes that it will be my new workhorse.

    This dress is so so pretty. I love your hybrid! And I really like the length, even though I realize it's not going to last too long. It's girlish and very hip with those tights.

  9. So pretty, the gold trim at the hem adds the perfect touch, and so nice to have pockets. Cute tights :)

    1. thanks so much! the pockets are so easy, i wish i'd remember to add them more often!

  10. Wonderful, I adore the flowery fabric, it's so nice! And i'm always in for a bit of bling on a garment so hurray for the gold trim :-)

  11. This is stunning - that gold sparkle along the bottom is the icing on the already perfect cake:) And yay for dresses that see wear from more than one child!


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