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Sewing for 'the man'

Well, it was bound to happen sometime.  A boy will eventually outgrow his mom's favorite pajama pants pattern.  Unfortunately, this didn't dawn on me until after I had sewn not one but two pair of pajama pants for Jude, in size 8 with added length.   The pattern caps out at size 8.  But the thing is, Jude's almost 9.  And his wrists are already bigger than mine.  Seriously.

Thankfully the pants will not go unworn.  My cousin has two boys who are younger than Jude and love Star Wars.   I hemmed them to fit her oldest son, who is roughly Indigo's size.

Then I sewed up some cloth napkins for her younger son, so he wouldn't feel left out.


And I sent them on their merry way.

foxes + feathers

{Something sinister overcame me and I decided I must stamp foxes + feathers.  For kids.  Kinda dark, right?}

Now, I have to admit that I'm not much of a fan of novelty prints.  It all dates back to my high school cafeteria.  It was the  '90s and it was trendy, at least where I lived, to wear shirts with brand names plastered across the front of them.  One of the more clever students was pontificating about how most of our generation was being duped by big business, paying scads of money to become walking advertisements for these companies.  We were paying money to advertise for them.  So, with the passion high schoolers are known for, I shook my proverbial fist at the man and declared that I was going to have no part in that.  And I didn't.

But you see, I have this boy that I love so very much who loves Stars Wars and super hero prints.  And if I'm going to be duped for anyone, you better believe it will be for him.  So I went back to Joanns and bought a whole lot of fabric in novelty prints.  And one really awful big box pajama pants pattern.

I measured Jude, cut out the pants pieces, sewed up the first pair,  and was ready to have Jude try them on before I hemmed them and finished the waist.  I held them up.  They looked like this.

so they're a little big

Dan (jokingly) said, "Aw, you sewed a pair of Star Wars pajama pants for me.  Thanks, honey."

He's a real joker, that guy.

I altered.  I adjusted.  I made Jude try them on far more times than he'd like.   And eventually they fit.

my boy in his new pants

Thankfully pair numero dos came together quickly, having worked out the kinks of the man-sized pattern.

super heroes!

Jude told me that when he's a grown up he'll always remember that I made him Star Wars pajama pants.  Then he paused and added tentatively, "At least, I think I'll remember....  If I don't, can you remind me?"

oh i love him.

Oh yes, I can definitely remind you.


  1. I, for one, love them. I don't think Star Wars really counts as "novelty" either, hehe. It's just cool.

    Rae's parsley pants pattern goes up to 10 and would make great PJs, by the way, but man I'm curious what's gonna happen when he sizes out of most/all kids patterns! Can't wait to see how you tackle that, because I have faith you will.

    1. I agree! Star Wars isn't "novelty" - that shit is classic!! (Sorry for the vulgarity, haha, I couldn't resist.)

      I have been using the Parsley Pants pattern for Joe's PJ pants and I love the fit on him.

  2. Star Wars pants, how awesome! My six year old would love some! They look great.

  3. It's amazing the lengths we'll go to to please our kids. All those things we swore we'd never do, somehow we end up doing.
    But in this case, it was totally worth it. I'm glad he loves his pjs!

  4. Haha, these fabrics… I think they're awful! :-))
    But I bet the boys love them, and that's what counts, it's totally worth it!

  5. Great pyjamas and a lovely post to read. he sounds like a real treasure!

  6. I LOVE THESE!!! And for the record, I think you should make Star Wars pjs for Dan. :)

  7. I LOVE THESE!!! And for the record, I think you should make Star Wars pjs for Dan. :)

    1. haha, jenny, i totally should! except his legs are so long it'd feel like i was sewing drapes, i'd imagine. :)

  8. Oh, sweet boy! That picture before you hemmed them is too funny. I'm making Aria size 8 in these pjs this year. It's her last year too... Sniff.


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