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Sing, Sing, Sing!

It's already over a week into December and oh boy, hold on to your hats!  Has it been just as crazy for you as it has for us?  Tarikua has almost a page (!) of lines to memorize for her kindergarten nativity pageant.  Jude and Indigo have worked diligently to memorize their piano pieces for their upcoming recital this weekend.   But Jude has kept us busiest of all with his involvement in our city's children's chorus.

I count myself fortunate to truly enjoy these events which Jude is also so passionate about.  Dan and I both love music and it is a joy to see the choirs perform.
This year they had some pretty amazing events.  The day after Thanksgiving, they sang at San Antonio's tree lighting ceremony in the Alamo Plaza.  A 55 foot tree decked out to the nines.

There were various groups performing, but for our kids those undoubtedly played second fiddle to the street food (namely, the snow cones)

hangin out

and the shuttle ride there.

shuttle squeeze cuddles 

We all came to show our support for Jude. 

The stage could only accommodate 20 children.  Jude was selected among them - there are 90 in his choir, so he was thrilled to have the opportunity!


We noticed Jude was rather stoic in these photos and wondered if perhaps he didn't appreciate taking family photos in front of his friends.  He said he was game, but now,  I'm not so sure.  He'll be 10 next month and I'll probably need to start being more cognizant of these things.  ;)

Perhaps even more exciting was their invitation to sing on a barge at the Riverwalk lighting ceremony.

riverwalk lighting

This time only 10 of the 90 student in his choir were selected (and 10 in the youth choir) and he was picked again!  (I gotta brag on my boy a bit here)  ;)

my boy

The sweetheart that he is, he agreed to give up his spot to give someone else a chance, but they said they wanted him to sing. 

my sweethearts

(The girls do outnumber the boys by a long shot, so that likely helped.)

christmas cheer!

Soon enough, the kids were off.

barge caroling

They were preceded by barge with the youth orchestra and followed by a mariachi band and then a jazz band.

barge caroling 

Dan gladly played the role of international man of mystery babywearing dad

dan and hazey  

and I was free to take photos to my heart's content.

riverwalk riverwalk riverwalk

Dan, Indigo, and I ate at this amazing hole in the wall place while we waited for Jude's barge to go by.

on the riverwalk 

on the riverwalk

When they passed we clapped and cheered.


The grand finale of the season was the choirs' performance at the new Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.

tobin center for the performing arts

The chorus' interim artistic director is an (apparently) world-renowned conductor.  Almost the entire performance was accompanied by members from the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra.

preconcert photo

It truly was spectacular.  I woke up this morning still thinking about how incredible it all was.

 baby Hazel's ready to hear some singing!  ;)

 Dan and I are so proud of Jude.  Every week, he eagerly attended the 2 hour rehearsals.   The week before the concert he attended three 2 + hour rehearsals!   In one week!  He memorized all of his music.  He sang in four different languages.   He stood for a really long time without complaining.   :)


We're also so grateful to have such an incredible organization in our community.


  1. How lovely. Looks like a great event, the kids look beautiful as always and Dan wins the best straight-man-wearing-a-baby ribbon for sure

  2. congrats to the singer! what a lovely event! and I got that wrong, Dan is not wearing shorts but he indeed looks like James Bond- is-going- to-save-the-world on that photo with Hazel!!:)

  3. What lovely pictures and beautiful holiday events! It must be so magical to watch your kids grow up and find their passions!

  4. Awwww, go Jude! Such a handsome guy (and yes, he does have big blue eyes and a chin dimple and a soft perfect complexion just like my Joe!) and obviously very passionate about his music!

  5. So cool!! The Riverwalk at Christmas is the best!!

  6. You SHOULD be bragging on your little man - he's pretty amazing! Clearly talented, to be chosen for all those events with smaller numbers of choristers, but also so sweet to be willing to give up his spot to someone else. That must make your heart swell with love/pride for him:) Sounds like watching him perform will be one of the highlights of your holiday season - as well it should! Of course, watching baby Hazel enjoy her first Christmas might also be up there amongst the holiday favorites:)

  7. What a lovely post! I'm smiling and feeling proud of your boy too! My son, Jude :), is four and I read this and am imagining him at 10 and wondering what his interests and dreams will be. x


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