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Bloomers and the Very Best Jacket from Shelley McStitch

I think I officially have a favorite baby-toddler pattern in terms of both practicality and cuteness and that's the Brindille and Twig Bloomers pattern.

I made two previously and I reached for them whenever they were clean.  They were in heavy rotation over here, although Hazel is finally growing out of them.

So, of course, I needed to remedy that as fast as a could.  :P   Thankfully this pattern is a fast sew and also doesn't use much fabric.  (Bonus!)

For this pair, I used a Kaufman herringbone chambray which I bought from the Gnats Shop.  The drape is so, so lovely.  It's so unlike the other chambrays I've worked with and behaves almost like a linen.  It's good stuff.

When the weather gets too cold for bare legs, I'd trade the knee socks for thick, cozy tights.

Hazel turned 15 months old this week.  She is such a little love.  The other day, I told her I loved her and she grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug!  Hugging is kind of her speciality... much to our delight!

We recently transitioned her to a crib and that went unbelievably well.  After I rock and nurse her, Dan cuddles with her and sings her some lullabies.  Then he lays her in her crib and sits beside her, singing and/or playing lullabies until she falls asleep.  Such a sweet time.  It also gives Hazel some great bonding time with Dan, who is away at work so much of the time.  I'm so relieved that transition has gone so smoothly.  She still sleeps with us when she wakes in the middle of the night, but this is a good first step toward more independent sleep (read : less all-night-nursing).

It's hard to tell for sure, but it seems like Hazel may be an early talker.  Either that or she is a really great mimic.  Anytime I ask her where something is she says, Idonknow.  Her yes is an enthusiastic 'uh-huh!' and when we tell her 'no' to something, she gives us a long, drawn out Awwww-ah-awww.  The other day when we walked into Iris' air-conditioned preschool we all thought we heard Hazel say I cold while making a shivering motion, arms crossed across her chest and everything.

She also loves to sing.  She gets songs stuck in her head and she'll sing them over and over.  She doesn't know the lyrics but the melody is spot on!  It's pretty adorable.

I kind of can't handle the cuteness of her little cowlick.  It reminds me of Dennis the Menace - in the very best way.  

The jacket that Hazel is wearing was a gift from Shelley.  Honestly, without getting too sappyMcSap, it's difficult to express how much this gift meant (and means) to me.

Shelley sewed this for us almost a year ago as a new baby gift for Hazel.  Hazel is a tiny little peanut, so it took some time for her to grow into it.  Even still, there was no way I could resist this squishy wool so I dressed Hazel in it often, rolling the sleeves to make it work.   It looked adorable, too.  Now it fits perfectly, which means she's been wearing it for a year and counting.  Gotta love that!

The fabrics on this jacket are the softest I have ever felt.  The jacket is reversible with the inside being a brown merino wool.  The outer jacket fabric is from France.  They are both so amazing.  In fact, I'm not sure I have ever personally bought fabric this luxurious.

We have Shelley's husband to thank for the muted pink binding.  I love that color and it pairs so well with our other clothes for Hazel.  Great call, Flipper!

Shelley's sewing is absolutely impeccable.  I mean, it is perfect. (You can read all of the details about the jacket here.)

Oh and I can't forget the best detail - Hazel's initials hand embroidered on the back.  You guys, I try not to indulge my 'feeling all the feelings' side too often, but this one gets me every time.  It totally tugs at my heart strings... like every day still.  Isn't it perfect?

I'm just in awe that Shelley took the time to make something this special for us.

Every morning, Hazel wears this jacket when we go for our morning walk.  She waves, with eagerness and passion, even, at every single car (and pedestrian!) that passes by!  It always puts an enormous smile on the face of the wave recipient.  Walking behind her as I push her in her stroller, I see this jacket with her initials embroidered on the back of it, and her little arm waving away so fervently.  And I want to hold onto that moment forever.

Thanks for the awesome jacket, Shelley!  


  1. It is so funny, I was just thinking, hm, I wonder if Rachel has posted on her blog recently? Maybe I missed a post? So then I typed in your URL and BAM, you had just that minute posted this! I am obviously psychic (about very strange and nonessential things!).

    I love this post. Hazel is adorable (the cowlick!!!! the waving!! the knee socks!) as always. Those little shorts are seriously cute - I love that you are rocking the baby in bloomers and tights look - and that is a truly special little jacket. Shelley's sewing really is freaking amazing. And as I always say, "anyone who suggests that internet friends are not 'real friends' OBVIOUSLY does not have my amazing internet friends; if they did, they'd never say that!" <3 <3 <3

  2. Oh sweetie Hazel! What a joy! I am so glad she's transitioning well! I love when they start to talk and we finally get to know what they're thinking! I wish our babies could play together.

  3. Lovely outfit - the embroidery on the back of the sweater is such a beautiful touch!

  4. The brown playhouse reminds me of toddler pictures I have from myself, from the time we lived in the USA. I like those wooden ones so much better than the plastic or metal ones we have in Belgium. And of course, I seriously like that cute little Hazel and your love for her!

  5. Sappy McSap!! :)
    You're excused the feelingy feelings cause she really is insanely cute!
    I totally got the size/age wrong but how fortunate that it fits now when the weather is cooling down again. I really enjoyed making this for you and of course you've made it look gorgeous. Seriously cute bloomers too!
    Thanks for being such a lovely gift recipient! :) Shelley

  6. So cute! I love a baby in bloomers, and that jacket is just perfect (Shelley really is amazing)!. Lucky Hazel!

  7. Hi! I love your blog and enjoy it thoroughly! Every post I learn about something new, be it cute bloomer patterns or beautiful fabric selection! Thank you for sharing. Your daughter looks adorable and as usual your photography is on point!

  8. That girl! She is such a sweetheart :) I would love to hear her talk :) Of course she looks super cute in her mama-made bloomers. I love bloomers on babies. Shelley's jacket is perfection.

  9. Ah, so adorable! Love the bloomers and Shelley's beautiful sewing, what perfect taste she has eh?

    Little Mr. C hums too (Eye of the Tiger, Happy, and Wheels on the Bus are his jams). They are a baby match made in heaven. ;)

    1. Kristin if you can get a video of your little C, in a grey tracksuit, crawling up stairs and humming Eye of the Tiger, I desperately want to see it! :)

  10. What cute little bloomers! I have some of that herringbone chambray and I agree- it's fascinating stuff. I haven't figured out the best use for the remaining yardage- guess I need to find a little girl who needs some bloomers. And I love all the details of Hazel'd development. Each kid is so fascinating and unique. Love it!


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