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Simplicity 9830 (Vintage)

Hazel is almost 19 months old already and I have not done nearly as much sewing for her as I would have liked.

Being she is our fourth girl, the clothes we have had stored away for her are largely in rough shape.   My kids are so hard on their clothes!  She really does need a few new things.   So when I do sew for her, I try to look for patterns that pack a lot of punch on the cute scale and that I know I can dress her in again and again.

This one is a Simplicity 9830, a vintage pattern I found on Etsy.  I sewed it up in this cotton linen chambray by Robert Kaufman. 

I'll be honest and say I always feel a bit apprehensive when sewing vintage or big box patterns.  And this one was no exception.   Mostly, I have found that the sizing can be way off.  (Except for Burda patterns.  Their pattern grading is great, in my opinion.)

The pattern size range was listed as 1/2-4.  Hazel measured an inch smaller than the 1/2 size for the chest and waist measurements.  But there was no height measurement listed.   And what the heck does "1/2" even mean?  My best guess was 6 months, but this one almost fit Iris (who's nearly 4 1/2!) when I was done with it.

I end up taking the whole thing apart, changing the shape of the yoke and shaving off about a 1/2 inch of the main fabric on both sides.

I really love the four little pleats right under the yoke.

The overalls are meant to be rolled at the bottom.  I like that detail.  I think it looks cute, and it means she will be able to wear them for a really long time.

I shortened the straps by about 2 inches, but I left them uncut, hidden inside the yoke, in case I ever want to lengthen them.

This one ended up being a lot of work, but I do feel it was totally worth it.  I think it's adorable on her.

When Hazel wears the overalls with a shirt underneath, the kids call her "Farmer Hazel."

It's so great watching her little personality emerge.  She is talking a lot, which is so much fun!  I mentioned in my last post about Hazel that she started talking in complete sentences.  That was a first for us.  Instead of saying "Mama" she says, "I want Mama!"  She says, "I want water!" instead of just "water."  (And yes, we are now working on 'please', too!)  ;)

When we tell her about something, she looks very engaged and says, Ohhhhhh.  If it's something interesting or exciting she gives us a breathy, Oh, wow!   Anytime I tell her "no" she asks "Why?" in a way that resembles Little Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

She loves books, music and dancing.  She gets into e v e r y t h i n g!  We have to paracord our dining room chairs together or she will  move them around and climb on top of our counters like a little billy goat.  And she doesn't need a lot of sleep.

Her nickname morphed from Hazey Mae to Hay-Hay and now to Haystack.

She always has a turkey tail. 

And she is really, deeply loved.


  1. She us the cutest!!! Love all the pictures! 💙💙 love the overalls. I think there is nothing cuter than toddlers in overalls. Love everything about the look! You are not helping this baby fever I have. Lol

  2. Haystack, haha! Love it. She's adorable and I love the overalls but I feel your pain on the big box pattern; I don't understand their sizing/fit at all, it's so frustrating. Anyway, you salvaged it, clearly. I'd love to hear a conversation between her and C - he says "Please have some, bar?" or "Look Mommy I dancing!" which is just the cutest with his little voice. :)

  3. Beautiful. We have a turkey tail at our house too - nothing to be done, it seems. The overalls turned out really cute - especially with those red boots! Glad you managed to make the pattern work for you - sizing issues are so annoying after you've spent all that time!

  4. I adore vintage patterns and have quite the collection, do let me know if you are ever looking for something in particular.
    Hazel is divine and such a fire cracker!

  5. Hazel is the cutest thing since baby bats (I've probably said that before - it remains true), and these overalls are ADORBS. With Maggie's pinafore I made recently, I actually put two buttons on each strap, so there are two different "sizes" for the pinnie. Maybe an idea here? Dang, this is so lovely and classic. I know what you mean with regard to vintage patterns, but I'm glad you worked it out here.

  6. It was worth all the wo because those are adorable and man, does she look cute in them!

  7. You did a nice job--again! She looks very pleased with herself. It's nice to see her a bit more independent. When we had our 6th, a girl after 5 boys, a friend gave me a spool of lace with 42 meters on it so I could frill up all the old jeans. I used it once and decided this little girlie will have her own clothes : )

  8. how'd I miss this? it's so cute on Farmer Hazel! I hear denim overalls for ladies are very on trend at the mo... Maybe you guys can be matchy matchy! ;)

    1. Oh man. I am definitely not hip enough to pull that off. :P (But seriously.... nope!)

  9. Haystack Hazel! What a cutie! I imagine that sounds even better in a Texan accent. :)
    Fabulous overalls. Have you seen Dirt Girl? It's an Australian TV show with a cartoonish gurl who is completely into gardening and wears overalls. My daughter has been wanting some Dirt Girl overalls for so long now...
    I'll send you a link as I'm not sure typing dirt girl into Google is safe....

  10. Great job. Hazel is growing up! She must be the happiest little 19 month old around with all those siblings to play with and such a great Mama!

  11. Oh rachel ! How did i miss this post ! Hazel is such a cute girl And this new garment Just makes her look like a vintage doll!
    She is loved on this side of the world too even though i have been So quiet recently ! Hugs


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