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What I learned from Mie

Today I am so excited to share with you a surprise for Mie from Sewing Like Mad.  If you don't know Mie, she is a mother, sewing blogger and a professionally trained seamstress from Denmark, though she now lives in the US.  She has been so generous toward those of us in the sewing community by sharing her vast knowledge and her time with us.  So Ines and Celina collaborated to make this video, honoring Mie.  In it, various sewing bloggers share what we have learned from Mie.  There is so much great advice packed into this five minute video.

In the video I share one of the things I've learned from Mie, which is how to sew a collar so it lays flat against the dress and so the underside of the collar isn't showing.  You can find that tutorial here, near the end of the post.

Indigo wanted me to say that we're sorry about the background noise in our clip and that Hazel's just kind of a handful right now.  (hehe - #truth)

What I learnt From Mie from Celina Bailey on Vimeo.

Thank you so much, Mie, for sharing your knowledge with us - and for sharing yourself!  

With Love!

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  1. Haha, I LOVED the background made it real, right!! I'm literally in shock over this and could not be more happy and proud. Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! <3 <3 <3 (those are hearts haha)

    1. I am glad you understood! :) I had actually shot a different video about how you helped me with a couple of different patterns. I had the kids take Hazel outside and the light was beautiful and Dan shot the video so it was steady and our house was quiet. But then I remembered the collar technique and I thought I should use that one instead because I thought it might be more helpful to people. And we only had 10 seconds so I couldn’t do both. So I re-shot this on the day it was due. Jude shot it for me, so it’s not the most steady but he really tried and that was so, so sweet. We tried to have Indigo take Hazel outside but she was so grumpy that she wailed out there so loudly you could hear it clear as day inside. And the lighting was terrible. But I really wanted to share this technique because it has helped me so much and the clip was truly a team/family effort over here - I just wish I had included my kids in the video! They were so glad to help. Thank you for all you do! You’re amazing!

  2. How sweet!! I have never had the pleasure of 'meeting' Mie yet (I'll remedy that in just a few seconds...) so thank-you for the introduction!
    Off to learn new things ~ Tracy

  3. Aw!!! I just love hearing everyone's voices! It makes all my favorite bloggy friends seem a bit more like REAL friends! (Which I consider them to be anyway, but you know what I mean!) The theme of "COLORBLOCK ALL THE THINGS" is cracking me up, too.

  4. You guys are all so sweet! And I love to finally see every one of you move and talk, it makes the people in the pictures become way more 'real' to me!

  5. Sweet Rachel, thank you so much for taking part in this surprise. <3


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