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The Miss Polly Dress in Kaufman Railroad Denim

Hello, Hello!  I took an unintentionally long blogging break as we wrapped up our homeschooling year, completed 21 hours of standardized testing, and took a celebratory road trip getaway to the Texas coast, where unfortunately both Iris and Hazel were very sick with a stomach virus.  After all of that, I needed to sit and just stare out the window for awhile.  But, with five kids, that obviously didn't happen, either.  Haha!  Anyway, I'm back, today with the Miss Polly dress by Suz of Sewpony Vintage.

 I had hoped to take photos of this dress while we were away at the ocean.   I hemmed it just moments before we were about to leave.  I didn't want to make my family wait, so I zipped it through my serger and then my sewing machine, pedal-to-the-metal style.  I was quite proud of myself for how quickly I hemmed it. No one even seemed to notice.

It wasn't until Indigo was struggling to put on the dress while we were on our getaway that I realized I  had accidentally sewn the front inner skirt panel to the back skirt, making it literally impossible to put on.  womp womp

My kids said to me, in a tone both empathetic and encouraging,  "Well, Mom, you always remind us to go slow to go fast.  To make haste slowly. To festina lente."  There was maybe a small tsk at the end.  I could only laugh.  Guilty as charged!

After spending a looong time with my seam ripper undoing all of that serger stitching, I was able to fix the mistake and re-hem it.  You know, just the minor detail of making it possible for Indigo to put on!  ;P

 I was so glad to have the opportunity to take a few portraits of Indigo.  She is growing up and becoming quite the young lady.

She's only nine but carries herself with such poise and maturity that most people think she's much older.  It's not uncommon for people to ask if she and Jude are twins.  Which she loves and Jude... doesn't.  :)

It's getting harder and harder to sew for Indigo.  As she's getting older, she is gravitating more toward shorts and t-shirts.   I'm not the biggest fan of sewing the basics.

Well, truthfully, I'd be happy to sew more basics if I had the time to do it, but my sewing time is so limited these days that I try to stick to patterns that really inspire me.

I'm glad that she still enjoys wearing dresses about half the time, and that this one felt grown up enough to her.

I made this dress in a Kaufman railroad denim called Slub Stripe.  It's lighter weight, breathable, and doesn't wrinkle too much.  Indigo slept in it one night and it still looked pretty good the next day.

I made the piping using a Cotton + Steel solid :: Goldilocks.  I know - I'm kind of a one trick pony with my mustard accents, but what can I say?  I really love mustard!

I finished the dress with a single button, because my girls always request it!

For the next 48 hours, Suz is generously offering my readers a 10% discount on her Miss Polly dress pattern.  That means you can get this pattern for less than $7 until Wednesday!  Just use the code STITCHEDTOGETHER10.  You can find the pattern {HERE}.

Thank you, Suz, for the great pattern!


  1. I totally understand your preference for sewing dresses! Especially since yours are always beautiful. I love these stripes and the piping! I had always seen the Miss Polly as a playful and rather childish dress (due to the big pockets I think. I made a cute version with cats for Liv lately!), but your version is so grown up! Really stylish, Indigo!

  2. So gorgeous!!!! Make haste slowly should be my motto!

  3. Ahhhh, perfection!! It's just lovely. I am not tired of your mustard accents yet, not even close! Keep 'em coming! Pedal to the metal serging is almost always a mistake in my house too. You are lucky it wasn't worse, right?! Excellent save for a beautiful young lady.

    I will say this for t-shirts and shorts - they are really fast to make. But no, not the most exciting or inspiring!

  4. Such a gorgeous dress! 💙💙💙 and I am laughing at the whole hemming oopsie, because it would be something that I do. 😂😂 You pictures are beautiful as usual!

  5. It's so pretty, Rachel! I love your fabric and piping combination. I would have made the same mistake hemming. I always regret being hasty!

  6. Gah I always make the most stupid mistakes when I rush, and it ends up taking more time in the end. Love your mottos. The dress is great, seems that a-line is a good way to go for slightly older girls once "twirly dresses" don't seem right anymore...and Indigo is definitely seeming more grown up lately! That first photo is outstanding. :*

  7. This dress is just so great that I clicked through hoping there was a Mrs Polly Dress! Alas, but I love each pattern there. Perfect for young ladies that are very sweet, and more than a little bit cool :) I just love the Kaufman whole House of Denim collections...Love!

  8. Thanks for sharing such a lovely dress! Glad you fixed the dress and sorry you had to unpick all that overlocking!!! Indigo is so pretty!

  9. Beautiful Rachel, really beautiful. Like Eva above, I've often found the choice of prints have pit me off this pattern. Yours is the first version that I could emphatically say I live! Your gorgeous model doesn't hurt the eyes either!
    I think you need to get the fabric paints out and paint a portrait of her favourite chicken onto a t)shirt. The basics are only basic and boring if you let them be! :)

    1. Oh autocorrect. Put, not pit. Love, not live. Lose the close bracket from t-shirt. I could go on, but I'll probably just type more errors!

  10. you always manage to make everything look so sophisticated...what a lovely fabric choice for this dress, it suits her so well. i'm finding that even at age 7, many of my patterns seem too "little kid" for lila. the way you sew for indigo is such a great source of inspiration!

  11. We were talking about this pattern when I was in Texas! I love what you did with it. There is a reason the mustard piping is so tried and true with you, it's perfect! You are so right about Indigo seeming so mature for her age. Her hair looks gorgeous in these photos by the way.

  12. What a gorgeous young lady! Her poise absolutely comes across in all these photos (and ones you've taken before). I think the dress is so very grown up though. If anything, it makes her look a tad older, though I don't mean in a bad way at all. I love the dress! Love the yellow piping too.


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