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A Hanami + Charlie Dress Mash Up

Sometimes I wonder if you officially become a full-fledged adult when you start talking about how fast the time is going.

I try not to talk about it too much, perhaps so as not to remind myself.  I already often feel like I'm living in a time warp.

But seriously, guys - how is it possibly October already?  The pages are flying off of the calendar and I know I'm going to blink and 2016 will be an object in the rear view mirror.

This is where I'm inclined to get all sappy-mcsap about living intentionally and making the most of these moments with our children, especially with the holidays soon approaching.  And man, do I feel that!  I totally do.

But instead I'm going to talk about this dress I made for Iris.  The last of my summer makes, I do declare!

If there's a pattern I love to use as a base to mash up with other patterns, it's the Hanami pattern.  I think I've lost count of my Hanami hybrids as this point.  But they are many.  I thank An for making this awesome pattern!

This time I combined the Hamani pattern with the Charlie dress by Mingo and Grace.  I've seen the Charlie dress floating around the internet many times and I love it.  I'm not sure why I hadn't made this one yet.

The fabric is from the highly acclaimed and much lauded Rifle Paper Co collection.  I don't often sew dresses with quilting cottons anymore, but this print drew me in.  The colors are exquisite.  I was particularly drawn to the navy and mustard (no surprise there!), so I chose them for the collar.

Pipe all the things!

I often like to finish the back of my dresses with a single button,  Because I like to keep things easy like that.  :)

Kristin gave me the tip awhile back to use a hair elastic as the loop and I've been doing that ever since.  It works so well!

I love the versatility of sleeveless dresses.  They can be worn alone, but also pair so nicely with a cardigan (or tights or knees socks or boots or leggings!).

We're finally getting a crispness in the air  - I wouldn't go so far as to call it a chill - in the mornings.  It's so welcome this time of year.  Often the girls will layer with a cardigan in the morning, but off it goes by the afternoon.  Or let's be honest, they shed it by mid-morning. We live in Texas after all.  Either way, we will take it.

Iris and I wish you a very happy Fall!


  1. The dress is so beautiful and your pictures are truly stunning!!! 💙💙💙

  2. This light brings out your girlie's gorgeous eyes <3 I can see why you were drawn to this fabric - it is gorgeous! Pipe all the things indeed :D

  3. It's beautiful - I love the dropped waist. And that light! I have to work hard to stop myself thinking constantly about time slipping away. Children definitely make time go faster :)

    1. I do have to work hard at that, too and anchor myself in the present moment. My favorite saying about time is : You can't slow down the train so you better enjoy the ride! :D

  4. Ah, beautiful photos and sewing, and I'm so with you on time flying! Also, when I was a kid I thought people in their "mid-thirties" were SO OLD AND WISE and I don't really feel that way now that I'm here. I guess we're real grown ups now, but it's hard to think of ourselves as that, right??

    LOOOOOVE this dress. Glad the elastic loop trick has worked well for you! :)

  5. The mornings have started to become chilly over here and I'm not at all happy with that. I'm a summer person! But seeing this fall dress in the beautiful evening light almost makes me long for autumn. Almost.

    1. When I lived in the Midwest, I felt the same way. The Fall chill reminded me of the months of cold winter weather ahead. Now that I live in Texas, I have come to love Fall! It's sort of like summer in the midwest. :)

  6. I'm "sappy mcsap" all the time about time, Rachel!
    (love this phrase... am going to steal it). And yes, the versatility of sleeveless dresses, they can just about cope with all climates. Although I sincerely wish I was sewing for a Texan climate... ;-)

  7. Dreamy pictures and dress! I can't believe how fast time is going! Totally going to try the hair elastic. Thank you!

  8. Oh my goodness, IRIS! She is growing up before our eyes (I guess I must be an adult, ugh!). I love the shot you got of her face and shoulders, I see so much of you in her face! The braids are just delicious. Such beautiful photos.

    The dress is darling, and so nice that it's so simple with the keyhole closure, rather than zipper, but taking full advantage of that gorgeous Hanami collar (mustard piping on navy! drool). EXCELLENT mash-up, my friend. So good!

    I try not to dwell on the passage of time, and just accept it for what it is, but every once in a while, BOOM, it smacks me full-force. But if my kids grow up fast, other people's kids grow up at freaking light speed. It's mind-blowing!

    Fall is here, and I'm like, "Nope. No way. I can't support that. Ixnay on the autumnay." I'm a summer person, but then Bay Area summers are spotty and cool at best! So maybe I'm actually a "summer deprived" person. Ha!

  9. Wow, what a beautiful dress and pictures! Love it!


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