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A Polly Pinafore by Bebekin Patterns

A couple of months ago, Diorella from Bebekins Patterns launched the Polly pinafore pattern and sent a copy to me.  She knew of Iris' love of pinafores and thought Iris might enjoy another one.

I had been planning to make another one anyway, but my vintage McCalls pattern was a size 3. (Vintage patterns generally come in one size only.)  Iris' chest measurement is a size 3, but she is a size 6 in length, so the proportions of the McCalls pattern were no longer looking quite right on her, even after I added lots of length to the skirt.

I was happy to have a new pinafore pattern that comes in a wide range of sizes, where I can tailor the pattern pieces to fit Iris perfectly.  I was also so happy with the overall fit!

When I was considering which fabric to use, Iris asked, "Can you make it not blue this time?"  haha  So I picked a floral corduroy.  I bought the fabric last winter here.

Then I picked taupey-olive colored buttons for the back.

We recently got 4 new chicks for Indigo's birthday.  Currently our 6 hens are all laying almost daily (yay!) and we have a beautiful basket of eggs : light and dark beige, a deep chocolately color, and blue.

We have enough eggs that we can regularly give some away.  That's been great! People seem to really appreciate them and are often so surprised to see the blue and chocolate colored eggs in the carton.  The eggs have been a simple way bring others joy and it's been so fun to share them.

I thought we would get used to seeing the colored eggs over time and they would start to become ordinary, but they haven't.  It's truly delightful every time.

So we recently purchased three chicks who will eventually lay sage-green eggs. We found the breed here (I've been so happy with My Pet Chicken!).   Three is their minimum order requirement.

When adding to a flock, you are always supposed to introduced a minimum of two new chickens at a time.  If you add a single chicken alone, it will often get pecked and bullied, sometimes brutally - thus our expression about "pecking order".

We are keeping two of our chicks and then we are giving two away to the sweetest teacher at the kids' homeschool enrichment program.  She is just starting her own flock.

The chick that Iris is holding is one we picked up locally - a Production Red.  We thought this would be one of the two that we would give away, since she was much less expensive and lays beige eggs, but she is such a sweetheart that we might end up keeping her.

She had a few sores from being pecked by other chicks at the feed mill which was sad, but she is thriving here with our chicks and loves to be held. My kids are totally smitten with her.

And Iris is smitten with her new pinafore, too.  She wore it yesterday when I took these photos and then gently laid it aside at bedtime and asked, "Can I wear it again tomorrow, Mama?"  Of course you can, Iris!  And she did!


  1. Aww, how sweet that she asked to wear it again. Of course you can! It's lovely, Rachel. Beautiful fabric, buttons and sewing!

  2. The pinafore is just gorgeous - and you have to love it when they ask to wear things again right away!
    I do agree that it's such a pleasure to be able to give away home-laid eggs. And even better when they're an array of colours! Please share some photos when the green eggs begin (with or without ham!).

  3. Lovely pinafore! I enjoyed sharing (And eating) eggs when we had chickens.

  4. I always love when you combine dress-making and chicken-raising... my favorite hobbies! :). Love the pinafore- really beautiful colors!

    1. Thanks so much, Erin! Wish we lived closer! We could indulge our hobbies together.

  5. So cute!! And I love hearing about your chickens and their interesting!!! xoxo

  6. Another gorgeous and dreamy pinafore on gorgeous and dreamy Iris! *big heart eyes* I am especially in love with this fabric! It will be really great for the fall and winter too with tights and a long sleeved tee! Iris with her baby chick - it's straight out of a childrens' book from the 50s. So over the top wholesome and sweet!

  7. Well, you made a gorgeous non-blue pippi ;) It looks so great on Iris. Very colour coordinated with the chickens ;) We are thinking about getting two more chickens. Ours are not laying still!

  8. The pinafore seems to be her signature style. Love that! The top knot is ridiculously cute too.

  9. Did you use the twirly or the regular skirt pattern? Which sleeves did you use? Thanks!

    1. This is the regular skirt + narrow sleeves.


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