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Are You Smarter Than a Raccoon?

Apparently we aren't. 

We peered out the window this morning and saw that this had happened to our bird feeder:

A raccoon pulled up the wire and pried open the lid, dumping the contents onto the ground. You may be thinking, "Oh, this happens to all bird lovers at one time or another." Indeed. However, we have been outwitted not once, not twice, but three times-and that does not include last night's dumping. These critters have already shattered two very cool looking ceramic feeders (in the same night, I might add).  Lesson learned: When it comes to buying bird feeders choose function over funky. Then we had the hummingbird/honey bee incident

We thought this time we got it right -- sturdy, plastic feeders, hung from 8 feet of wire and secured by carabiners. Yet we have been foiled again. Any suggestions on how we can clench the victory against this raccoon would be welcome.

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  1. Wish I could help with that one. Raccoons are REALLY smart. They have figured out how to take the lids off our trash cans, open the trash bags and then select the food they want (even open the containers to get AT the food). It is scary.



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