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I'm not sure if this is what Jude had in mind, but here's the story...
Jude was playing a game with the babysitter called "I like [insert favorite thing here]". The babysitter said, "I like ice cream" and Jude responded, "I like books" and they'd move down one stair. Wash, rinse, repeat, move to the next stair. The babysitter said, "I like pizza!" and Jude countered, "I like cowgirls!" Whaaaa? Cowgirls? Later we asked if he even knew what cowgirls were as we couldn't recall ever mentioning them. He said, yes, he knew what they were. He had learned about them in school. It's must be part of the process of becoming inTexicated.


  1. Funny! Love the new look of your crisp and clean! Rebecca is redoing mine, as well. She's awesome!

  2. thanks, tish! i, too, think rebecca is *awesome*!

  3. Hey Rebecca,

    I LOVE your new blog!!!!!!!!! Looks like you got ahold of Rebecca. I love this new look of hers. As my 7 y.o. would say That's Awesome!! Sarah = )


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