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Here are a few funny things that Jude said today.
After playing with Mr. Potato Head, Jude started pulling on his (own) ear.
Me: Jude, what are you doing?
Jude: I'm trying to pull off my ear. I want to give it to Indi.
Good luck with that.

Two examples of sibling torture.
As Dan was serving up Indi's dinner-
Jude: Daddy, I want you to make Indi's spaghetti really spicy.
Dan: Why don't I put some pretend spices on it?
Jude: No, real spices!

Jude knows Indigo hates taking naps so in his most syrupy-sweet voice he says:
Indigo, I'm sorry, but you must take a nap now. It's time for you to go to sleep.
Me: Jude, please don't rub it in to your sister that it's nap time.
Jude: [kisses her forehead] Goodnight, Indi.
Indi: wails


  1. How funny Jude is!!!

    I'm on mat. leave now!!! woohoo! The in-laws are in town now. But if you want to stop by next week, let me know.

  2. Your children are adorable!! My brother lives in Texas so I completely understand the heat that you speak of! :-)

    I hope your wait isn't too long.

    Casey :-)


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