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Rainy Day

After a month of no rain and 100 degree temperatures, the recent downpours and cooler weather here have been absolutely glorious. The kids and I spent most of the day indoors, other than going out on our back porch to watch the rain for awhile. The kids were mesmerized and loved putting their hands out to feel the rain. We got back inside and I put Indi down for her nap. I was rambling to Jude, as I often do, about what we should do together while Indi was napping. The conversation went something like this:
Me: I think we should get a big cozy blanket, snuggle on the couch, and read books. Then I will make a cup of tea for myself and I can make one for you, too, if you'd like.
J: Yes, let's have a [insert strong British accent] cup of tea.
Me: Huh?!
J: a [again, insert british accent] cup of tea
Me: Cockroach tea?! (I really had no clue what he was saying!)
J: Giggles. NO, a cup of tea!!!! (then in british accent) a cup of tea!
Me: Oh. a cup of tea. Where'd you learn that?
J: Daddy.
If you've spent any amount of time around Dan you will know that one of his many talents is having a knack for impersonations. Now Dan, not being a tea drinker himself, may have possibly been mocking me with this accent and Jude then picked it up. One will never know...
Here's Jude's "cup of tea":
Indi awoke after an almost three hour nap (so wonderful!) and we made cookies. In the process of making cookies, I realized that we were out of butter. I always refer to butter as "budah" ... for no particular reason other than that I find it amusing. We had to make a trip to the grocery store. While in line waiting to check out, Jude exclaimed that he was so excited to make cookies with "budah". This was the third or fourth time I heard him say this, but this time it was in front of a bunch of people. So, I decided to let him in on the fact that while mommy often refers to it as "budah" most people simply call it "butter". We made it home and finished the cookies. The kids even got to lick the mixers.

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